To "live free" means to be able to control your own life
and to avoid violence, or the threat of violence, by others.
What you do and how you do it will almost always determine
whether or not freedom will be yours. But YOU must take the
responsibility for creating your own freedom. No one,
especially the "government" will do it for you.

To "disappear" means to make it impossible for other
people to invade your personal world of freedom. Since most
of such invasion is by means of electronic data gathering and
cross-referencing, you must be able to short-circuit these
procedures effectively.

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HI, it's a nice article for anyone wanting to create a new identity, but I don't think it has much to offer in terms of freedom (unless he means freedom from the consequences of some previous misdemeanor!) . Thinking about this kind of process (creating a new identity) really highlights the truth of the statement "no-one is free until all are free". 

If we create a new identity but are still surrounded by slaves, that's not freedom. The author states: "The individual needn't worry about what would happen "if everybody else did this" because they WON'T." But until they do, real freedom is unattainable. The idea he describes, becoming your own government, is a good aim, but while others believe in external government they will automatically impose it on others, including his new identity, that's the point of it. 

The process also sounds far more onerous than just putting up with things as they are. Cutting off friends and even family, as a price of 'freedom' doesn't make sense. How is that freedom? 

I don't claim to know how to achieve freedom myself. This article would be better if 'freedom' was replaced by "new identity". If the new identity was free it wouldn't need any new "papers", would it?

 But Kev, I'm sure you're well aware of all this so you probably posted it to encourage discussion.

Freedom is a choice I have always felt, as is happiness, you want it, or you dont.

The conscious of ones mind decides your level of freedom, even if your in prison behind bars, as sense of freedom can be achieved. After-all people imprison there minds with being behind bars. So whats is freedom but a choice and decision one makes. 

very interesting thanks

Vigilance is the watch word for freedom. Being ready and being prepared are essential assets. Ideally, living off grid and away from the mainstream people, only building friendships with like minds and building a cadre of people with a mutual defense agreement. All this takes commitment and trust, and those commodities are hard to find these days as people are making their own preparations, they are not acting in concert-this is not a good place to be. Bundy defeated the State because people rightly rallied to his cause. We MUST start seeing that your cause is my cause also, any less and we will be in trouble sooner or later. we need local militia who attend trouble spots, without arms, but in such numbers that State goons are out numbered 10:1.

I suppose, the question is, can you get off the 'State Radar'? Some are fortunate enough to fall through the cracks in the system, again, some may have buggered up the State in the past and the State is holding off using the system against them to avoid another thrashing (because the State is very weak right now, taking on a hard case, might be their downfall- look at the Keegan case!).  If you use their system to change your name, you DO create joinder between your old name, identity- and the new name, identity. They have to have this to continue the Strawman  con. Create a new identity of your own, that does not rely on the 'System', Republic of Good Hope might be a good place to start.

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