I finally got round to listening to (my first) Axiom Curb's video presentation on Radiant Energy, and I have to say I was disappointed. 

A few words on Radiant Energy....

Its probably the biggest thing in the Universe aside from God, and so its worth doing even a little research to make sure we're all on the same page.

Radiant Energy is also known as the Ether, Cosmic Energy, Zero-Point, Vacuum, etc. It is the energy of sub-space, behind what we normally observe. Its in all of creation, passing without resistance through every electron and also between them. Its not at the far side of the Universe, it is all around us, all the time, free for everyone.

As many scientists now know, the ether consists of a "compressible fluid" that has a density of 10127 to 1094 wattseconds per cubic centimeter. This high energy density permits a cubic centimeter of ether to be able to provide for the energy needs of a small city. [......]  its wavelength is 10-32 centimeters 


The Axiom (Curb) Flux opening video titles are a spinning Globe computer animation and text that reads "The evidence is self-evident", which doesn't really mean anything but I continue anyway.

The host introduces the topic of electrical Energy (Electron theory) by reading from a Children's web page, complete with all the simplified erroneous scientific paradigms.

Then he reads about Radiant energy which we are told is made of electromagnetic waves (ordinary Energy), and then explains about radiation and microwaves. The host should be reading a page from an up-to-date frontier research site, instead of misleading himself and the listeners with a common indoctrination definition.

Radiant Energy is about Ether, not microwaves.

The host also reads about Tesla and Moray in the second 15 minutes, which is pretty much the only thing that saves this video from the rubbish bin. And even then, the scientific pages he reads include wild speculation and assumptions about where and how this energy comes to being.

They should have got someone with some understanding of this huge topic to introduce it and filter-out the bullshit, because without critical thinking you can read anything you want as fact.

There is also a guest on the show who knows about the Rodin coil, sacred geometry and other technologies, but he only speaks for a few minutes.

As a free-energy technician, Axiom Flux have never gained my respect, and have failed us all by telling everyone that radiant energy is radiation that comes from stars and distant galaxies. For such a suppressed topic, it is very irresponsible to make videos with such obvious dis-info.

Axiom Curb also seem to be pro NWO, as near the end at 1:31 a host says ... "We're moving into the trans-humanism, so we've got to move in all kinds of different sectors in all different ways to get that achieved."

Video (series 2, episode 14): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkM9_pafId8

Its good that more People are out there finding truth, but find it first, then make the video. I won't be watching any more of their productions for the foreseeable future.

Verdict on Axiom Flux Radiant Energy Talk = Axiom Sux

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In the quote in the main post, those numbers are......

Ether's density is between 10  (to the power of ) 127, and 10 (to the power of) 94 Watt-seconds per cubic centimeter


Ether's wavelength is 10 (to the power of) -32 centimeters.

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