BBC gender pay gap on its head | Chris Evans | Claudia Winkelman

I'm sure there are wage gaps in the BBC, and many other institutions for that matter, but the recent much publicized gender wage gap between radio presenter / producer Chris Evans and television presenter Claudia Winkelman doesn't add up.

If we're going to compare two people from two different jobs we have to take more into account than just one number, the salary, we should also include hours worked and responsibilities.

Here are the numbers  £ (pounds) / (hours worked (air time) per year):

  • Chris Evans'  salary is £2.2million - £2.5 million for 15 broadcasting hours per week (15 hours *48 weeks = 720 hours per year / 2.5m = £3472.22 per hour)
  • Claudia Winkelman's salary is £450,000 - £499,999 for 2 broadcasting hours per week (2 hours * 15 weeks = 30 hours per year / 0.5m = £8333.33 per hour)

Not including hours spent in preparation for their respective shows, Chris gets paid £3472.22 per hour, and Claudia gets £8333.33 per hour, based on the upper salary numbers.

  • Claudia Winkelman gets paid 2.4 times more than Chris Evans for the same broadcasting hours worked.

To put it another way, Chris gets paid over four times more than Claudia, but broadcasts over 24 times more hours per year (assuming 4 weeks holidays).

There is also the element of job difficulty, Chris took over from Terry Wogan as the backbone of the BBC radio breakfast show which broadcasts for 3 hours every weekday all year long, which he also produces, and Claudia co-hosts a seasonal dancing competition for 2 hours a week over 13 weeks.

We should look to normal common sense when dealing with wage gaps, there are many factors to consider; pay, hours worked, job skill level, etc. And i think that if people reckon they aren't getting enough pay, they should get a better qualification for a higher paying job, or at least should run the numbers before deciding if its an issue or not.

Genuine issues are unheard next to the roar of bread and circuses.

Sources: (Chris Evans breakfast show) (strictly come dancing)

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Bread and Circuses.

Of the 44 women who have signed the grievance letter to the BBC, 9 are on the highest earners list earning more than £150,000-199,999 per year.

Aasmah Mir

Katya Adler

Anita Anand

Wendy Austin

Samira Ahmed

Clare Balding            £150,000-199,999

Emma Barnett

Zeinab Badawi

Sue Barker            £300,000-349,999

Rachel Burden

Annabel Croft

Martine Croxall

Victoria Derbyshire        £200,000 -249,999

Lyse Doucet

Jane Garvey

Joanna Gosling

Fi Glover

Carrie Gracie

Orla Guerin

Karin Giannone

Mishal Husain            £200,000 -249,999

Lucy Hockings

Geeta Guru-murthy

Kirsty Lang

Gabby Logan            £200,000 -249,999

Martha kearney            £200,000 -249,999

Carolyn Quinn

Kasia Madera

Katty Kay

Emily Maitlis

Louise Minchin

Sarah Montague

Jenni Murray

Annita Mc Veigh

Elaine Paige

Sally Nugent

Angela Rippon

Ritula Shah

Sarah Smith

Kate Silverton

Charlotte Smith

Kirsty Wark            £150,000-199,999

Fiona Bruce            £350,000 - £399,999

Alex Jones            £400,000-449,999

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