Hi I need some advice. I have started to get letters off Cabot for a debt I disputed with meteor over 5 yrs ago. I was in contract with them for internet for 20 a month. My bills for six months were fine as I only used it in the evening as I worked 40+ hours . Then I got two bills for 1,700 and 1,500. When I contacted meteor the customer rep said there was no way my bill could be that high even if I was on it 24/7 and that I needed to get the privacy settings unlocked so they could see what happened. So I went to my local garda and he wrote and sent the letter but meteor never unlocked the privacy on my bills even after numerous calls every week for months so we could come to some sort of arrangement as they were still sending me bills but not returning my call. A couple of months later a debt collecting company contacted me and I explained the situation to them and they couldn't even get meteor to give me my bill with the privacy taking off and eventually they ignored my calls. Now over 5 yrs later Cabot are saying they bought my debt and are wanting it paid fully. I have received 3 letters in a month. The last one threathing legal action. So far I have ignored them. 5 yrs ago I was in a position to pay but my health has taken a downturn and I'm now on invalidity pension as my job let me go because of my health. I don't want to pay the full amount especially when it was supposed to be 20 a month and I tried to work out something with meteor and their solicitor s only to end up getting ignored.

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First of all you will not get "advice" on this site, you will only get opinions and ideas, and all comments and posts are to be treated as such.

It sounds like Meteor were trying to scam some money out of you by sending you those big bills, and have not produced any proof that you owed the money, such as a list of calls for example. It seems their claim had no honour since they never responded to your efforts to try to "remedy" the situation, but instead they gave up.

It was nice of Cabot to pay this money instead of you, even though (I presume) you have no contract with them whatsoever. Its a pity they didn't ask whether the sum was contested or not, it might have been unwise on their part to pay money for what could end up being a scam by Meteor. It will not be easy for Cabot to prove they have been scammed.

I was not aware that a charity like Cabot exists that pays people's bills without any knowledge or consent by anyone else. Its interesting to think that if I was using my business to scam money from someone, I could contact Cabot to get paid, then let them deal with the mess.

I wouldn't know what to do in your position, I have no relationship with Cabot and Meteor have stopped harassing me for cash...

I suppose anyone claiming that I owe them money would need "proof of claim" at the very least, such as a bill for services or whatever, and a contract signed by me. Without those it is just bullying or another scam in my opinion, and I would share the story far and wide so that others could avoid the same scam.
Hearing about this has darkened the name Meteor for me, and Cabot don't look too bright either, I will be avoiding both of them.

I wasn't contacted by meteor to say my supposed debt was been sold to either collection company. If it gets to court all I can do is explain my position and show the record from the garda that I asked for my privacy to be removed to find out exactly how a bill could go from 20 to that ridiculous price. It didn't look good to me when their own solicitor couldn't get the proper paper work from them and stopped all contact with me. I made a massive effort to get it sorted only for them to ignore me. So if Cabot want to get the correct documentation that meteor failed to produce time and time again along with their own solicitor I will be sincerely surprised as from what I have read about Cabot they don't tend to have any documentation to back up the debts they seek

You made a very good effort to sort it out with a view to settling your bill and Meteor didn't cooperate, so that is a big plus for you and very suspicious behavior by meteor, perhaps they are hiding a regular practice of illegal scams by creating debt where there is none.

Pity Cabot didn't look into Meteor's claim properly before they got suckered in.

Lets hope Cabot can unravel Meteor's scam and not get taken-in again, because (correct me if I'm wrong) it seems to be out of your hands now.  I presume you still have no contract with Cabot?

Its good you got the Garda to witness the privacy request, make sure you have a spare copy of all your documents and details related to this, keep them safe in different locations.

I got the cards to witness everything I got from meteor and from their solicitor especially when they threathened to come into my home and take the value with my property. The garda was not happy about that when he saw the letter and I was to ring him if anyone turned up but that was before they knew the extent of the garda involvement and lack of communication from meteor and their unwillingness to cooperate with privacy withdrawal notice from the garda as well. I have no problem paying my 20 Euro for the contracted months but not that amount and not to someone I have no contract or agreement with who didn't get the full facts before taking over the debt in hopes to make a massive profit from it when they pay less than 10% of the amount to buy the debt so the rest is profit to them.

Did you know you can defend your home from intruders, you can use anything to hand, such as a pen, screwdriver, scissors, pliers, hot oil, pepper spray, electricity, big dog, firearm, literally anything can make a trespasser think twice about robbing you, and then report them to the Gards. 

Its bad that Meteor will harass you for 100% and yet settle for 10% from a rich corporation. If there is a top level scam going on in Meteor, I doubt they will want it to come out in court or in public.

If I was Cabot I would have a problem with Meteor, because if they can scam me once they can do it again.

I'm just wondering if it happened to other people and they paid it without contesting it. But if Cabot persist they can go back to meteor and look for all the details which I doubt they have passed on to them. I don't know how a company can charge that amount when you have a contract for 20 Euro and ignore your effort s to resolve it whatever way you can

If Meteor and their solicitors are incapable of passing the account details on to you, the actual customer, then I doubt they have given anything to Cabot, unless Cabot are part of the scam.

You paid your €20 contract, and you did everything in your power to find out about the big bill, your hands are clean as far as I can see.

That's what I was thinking and why I refuse to deal with Cabot unless it's absolutely necessary I would rather let them bring me to court and see what actual documentations they have if any and take it from there. If I contact them they will take that as I'm acknowledging I have a debt with them and they have me in contract to pay them.

in my opinion say to Cabot, to bring this matter to a conclusion i  require to see

 THE DEED OF ASSIGNMENT as you are entitled to under Law

Lord Denning states in the Pelias Construction Case (Van Lynn Developments v Pelias Construction Co Ltd 1968 [3] All ER 824) where he said the debtor is entitled to "view the sale agreement to ensure that the assignee can give him good discharge under the contract."

type up your letter,  sign it, copy it and send the copy by registered post, staple the slip from the post office to the original you have at home,  the deed of assignment shows what Cabot paid for it, if they ask for any more it is "unjust enrichment" and that is a crime, so you do not want to enable them to commit a crime, you could put that in your letter

I thought the Deed Of Assignment was to do with property, something that the mortgage lender has in the safe and doesn't want to give to the home owner? I'm not sure though, I could be thinking of something else.

I also wonder about the wording below.

j said:

in my opinion say to Cabot, to bring this matter to a conclusion i  require to see

 THE DEED OF ASSIGNMENT as you are entitled to under Law

Lord Denning states in the Pelias Construction Case (Van Lynn Developments v Pelias Construction Co Ltd 1968 [3] All ER 824) where he said the debtor is entitled to "view the sale agreement to ensure that the assignee can give him good discharge under the contract."

good morning Spirality,  when i said "in my opinion "  that was for my own protection, as i am not giving advice,  in regards to do with the deed of assignment, it is relevant to any debt that is bought, if you look at the ruling above, it does not say mortgage, it says "the sale agreement"

Hi Sha, I have had a similar problem, I had a contract with them for 20 euro's a month then suddenly I also got a bill for over 1200. I rang the customer service and they said that I had gone over my allowance and that this was the correct amount, I had done nothing different in nearly two years, so I asked them did they find this unusual, her reply was yes!  and that I had in all that time never gone over my limit but it was the correct amount I owed them.

At that point I asked her to send me all the itemized bills for the entire contract period, I then told her I would await this and then contact comreg.

She then told me she would check the details and she would get back to me, The next day she rang and said that all I had to pay was the normal amount.

I paid this and moved suppliers fecking chancers!

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