There are 11 Household questions on the form.

There are 35 Personal questions for each of those present in the household on Census night.

There are 8 questions for those absent.

I might go camping again, rather than tell unknown parties where I work and when my home is empty.

I have copied the questions here, without question marks, and shortened them down to the basics.

Household Questions:

h1 - Type of accommodation (flat, bungalow, semi, etc)

h2 - When was it built

h3 - Owned or rented (and who is landlord)

h4 - How much is the rent

h5 - How many rooms

h6 - What is the main fuel used in central heating

h7 - Type of piped water

h8 - Type of sewerage

h9 - How many cars or vans available to household

h10 - Does household have a personal computer

h11 - Is there access to internet

Personal Questions:

1 - Name

2 - Sex (gender)

3 - Date of Birth

4 - Relationship (to person 1)

5 - Marital Status

6 - Place of Birth

7 - Where do you usually live

8 - Where did you live one year ago

9 - Have you lived abroad for over 1 year

10 - Nationality

11 - Ethnicity / Culture

12 - Religion

13 - How many Children have you given birth to

14 - Can you speak Irish (how often)

15 - Do you speak another language (fluency)

16 - Do you have any long-lasting health conditions (visual, hearing, physical, intellectual, mind, psychological, emotional, other)

17 -Do you have a basic or extended impairment

18 - How is your health generally

19 - How do you usually travel

20 - What time do you usually leave the house

21 - How long is your commute (minutes)

22 - Do you provide unpaid care to a loved one (how many hours per week)

23 - If you are under 15, go to question 34

24 - Have you ceased your full time education (at what age)

25 - Highest level of education you have completed to date

26 - Main field of study

27 - Describe resent principal status (employment)

28 - If student, go to question 34

29 - Employee or self-employed

30 - What precisely is main job (or size of farm)

31 - If retired, go to question 35

32 - What is the business of employer at main job

33 - If unemployed, go to question 35

34 - Full name and address of work, school or college

35 - Answer questions for all other Persons, and list Absent Persons

Absent Persons Questions:

a1 - Name

a2 - Sex

a3 - Date of Birth

a4 - Relationship to Person 1

a5 - Marital Status

a6 - How long are they absent for

a7 - Were they in Ireland on Census night

a8 - Are they a Student away at college or school

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I downloaded the form to look and on the first page it asks questions relating to tax info gathering 

h3 - Owned or rented (and who is landlord) - ( Housing Charge & Property tax , looking for those who didn't register)

h5 - How many rooms - ( possible bedroom charge)

h7 - Type of piped water -(Water charge looking for those who didn't register )

h8 - Type of sewerage - ( Septic tank charge looking for those who didn't register )

h11 - Is there access to internet - (Broadcasting charge)

for whats on page one alone i will not be filling it out , there is a lot of chat about declaring oneself homeless for the night , i like that idea a mass sleep out on census night , we could see it as an all night celebration of the true date of the centenary of the 1916 uprising , would also shame Ireland statistics to see thousands are homeless on the  census for the anniversary  

There was talk in the chat box today about how to avoid giving your name to the census callers, feel free to add to the list;

1, you could not answer the door in the first place,

2, you could put up signs saying "no access without appointment" and "no soliciting" .... this would mean they are breaking the rules by cold-calling and asking you for your name, and in the case of TV license inspectors, they have no access without a fight.

3, go camping, glamping or caravanning on census night, a lot of seaside towns have caravan parks you can pitch a tent in. (if the campsite owner started talking about the census form, i'd say I'm taking care of my own)

4, say that they will get your name when you fill out the form, and if they are really the CSO they will have your name already

I went camping last census and it was fine, the CSO have since repeatedly sent me a form asking about my travel details etc, but I just ignored it as its not an official census form, and its also nobody's business.

The CLS talks on the Census, Des and Lionel take a critical look at all the questions and what they mean for our People

An ongoing discussion about the Census

If people decide to join hundreds of others on Sunday night, sleeping out-doors in Dublin to support the homeless, then they would only have to fill-in the "absent persons" questions on the back page.

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