Dalkey House of Horrors - Justice for baby Noleen Murphy born and murdered 4th April 1973

Many will by now be familiar with the Dalkey House of Horrors case. Well one survivor is now a fighter! Cynthia Owen won't go away quietly, her story is now coming out. Help her to raise awareness for her cause by signing and sharing this petition.

In the above photo I am nearly 10 years old, less than a year after this photo was taken I was pregnant. Look how neglected I look and distressed and disturbed even then when the photo was taken I was enduring horrific sexual abuse by my father, two brothes, and a local paedophile ring. I attended school all through this abuse and up until the day I gave birth my school knew I was pregnant and did nothing. Four more siblings would attend school after me and they were all horrifically abused and neglected too, three of them ended their lives due to the abuse because no one did anything to save us.

My daughter was murdered when she was new born in 1973,  no convictions have ever been brought against her murderers, despite the Garda knowing who they are. I gave birth at the age of 11 to my daughter Noleen Murphy in my family home, she was murdered by my mother. My parents were selling me to a local paedophile ring of which 3 members were local police officers, one of these officers was present on the night of the murder and worked on her murder case but has never been brought to justice. Please see my book "Living with Evil" by Cynthia Owen (Amazon.co.uk) or my blog noleenbetrayed40years.blogspot.com


Alan Shatter, Minister for Justice (Ireland)
Martin Callinan, Commissioner of Police (Ireland)

Open a public Inquiry into my daughters murder
And give Noleens murder file to the Cold Case Team to investigate.

[Your name]


Some more background to the case can be found here: 


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Read the comments under the petition.

"I grew up in Dalkey and have a clear memory of seeing Cynthia pregnant as a child. I was in the same class as her older sister and passed their house on my way to school every day. It was common knowledge that the Gardai were constant visitors to their home and that Mr. Murphy was paid money for access to the children. I believe every word Cynthia says and my abiding memory of this family is of horrific neglect. I was told by my mother to cross the street when I saw Mr. Murphy and under no circumstances speak to him. It is clear to me now that people in the town knew what was going on and did not know what to do. They certainly could not go to the police as they were involved and going to the priest ..well need I elaborate...good luck Cynthia and your courage is inspiring.."

What a brave lady. In full support of Cynthia Justice for her daughter and herself. God bless

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