Hi Folks,

As you may know, it takes 250 euros per year to keep the site going, and that subscription is due again very soon.

Usually some of the Members make donations at the annual gathering in Cork (Macroom).

If anyone has any ideas for a fundraiser, can they please share the idea by commenting below.

If anyone has a few euro left over in a paypal account that they want to donate, please use the donate button at the top-left of the homepage.


Tir na Saor is the oldest activism site in Ireland, and the best.

It has literally reached thousands of people, if not millions by now, and has connected us on a very wide range of issues and topics.

It's a world-renowned site and a beacon of positivity, lets not lose it.

   Thank You

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How about a RADIO MARATHON? I did a 40 hour marathon on my station back in July and raised... uh... 20 euro.. lol But I'm sure with myself, Tony, Kevin, and whoever else, we'll attract a huge listenership and raise a substantial amount, and also boost site activity. Always good to have a few new faces.

We'll chip in 100 yo-yos if other members will do the same, come on guys, we have to keep this going. I'm retired and money is fairly tight, but we will chip in because this site is important and the information isso valuable. Please make the effort. Our 100 yo-yos are ready to go, please can you help?

I will add €50 to the kitty, I'll give it to Kev directly when I see him.

Its that time again folks, ning want their subscription fee or we lose the site.

Thank you Feardia

I would like to make a 50EU  donation but I only deal in cash as I am on a pension can I send cash? I noticed that members have difficulity in their domestic situations could we set up a skills share or /and needed items share forum and donate a portion of monies saved to a TNS survival fund?

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