Gandhi Stole Our Stuff !!!

Hi Folks,

Get along this Tuesday & meet

Billy the Kid & Kieran Magic ...

Regency Hotel - Tuesday 18th. October.

This Tues. 18th. Oct., … WE will be at the Regency

Hotel in Swords, Co. Dublin. Frank has graciously

invited us to speak from 6.30pm sharp, til 9.30pm

Contact Frank for details on : 087 919 3095

Endeavour to Explain.

WE will endeavour to explain and give coverage,

albeit at a very grass roots level of the following:-

•— The 7 Tenets of Contract LAW.
•— Fractional Reserve Banking …
•— Securitisation & Monetisation.
•— The Process Behind the Courts.
Appropriate Conduct.

Our aim would be to Educate the People of Ireland,

on how to appropriately conduct themselves, when

Legally & Lawfully Challenging Financial Institutions.

Fun Night Promised.

WE think that Kieran Magic and Billy Da Kid might

also make an appearance and chat for a while. Join

us for a Fun night of Economics, Banking and a little

bit of Legal Philosophy and general banter and craic.

The Pros and the Pros.

While WE discuss the merits, and various strategies

on how to non-violently disassemble all the corrupt

Banking and Legal Professionals Fraternity …

Mighty Monaghan.

WE promise NOT to sell you Banking products & WE

won’t be trying to flog any insurance policies either,

like some that we don’t care to mention here. Later

on WE will be inviting you to attend a 1 Day National

Seminar in Monaghan on the 17th. November ’11.

Booking tickets here:

Legally Challenge.

Whereby we will spend the whole day going through

in some fine detail, practically all the information &

Knowledge that WE have available to date, In order

for you to Legally, Lawfully & Non-Violently Challenge

Debt, to Save Your Life, to Stay in Your Home, to Keep

Your Business & to Keep Your Children from Becoming

Financial Migrants or from being exported abroad.


Letter Writing. Fractional Reserve Banking.

Securitisation. Monetisation. Contract LAW.

Court Procedures. Legal Jargon. Case Preps.

WE will also attempt to set a World Record.

An Early Christmas Gift to YOU!

This will probably be one of the greatest fun

days out that you will ever have, at the grave

expense of the Banks and Legal Professionals.

No Respect Required …

By the time we are finished with you, you will no

longer have any respect (not that you have now)

for Banks, for Politicians, for the Legal Profession

or for the corrupt and complicit Courts or Judges.


Neither will you have any FEAR, or as WE now call

it “False Education Applied Repeatedly”, for going

to Court(s), for Challenging Banks, or for standing

up for yourself in any Lawful context what-so-ever.

Education is Key.

WE Should have learnt ALL of this stuff as part of

Our Primary Knowledge, from our parents & from

Schools & so called educational bodies & teachers.

They don’t teach you any of this stuff, because it is

the stuff that empowers People with true strength.

Massive Opportunity.

Ireland is a small country, therefore WE all have a

massive opportunity to quite effectively educate all

the People on this land of ours in a short time frame.

Spread the Word.

Help us spread the word for these events, and with

Your own new found knowledge, educate all of the

People within your own immediate circle(s). Explain

to them why they should “STOP PAYING BANKS” …

No Way Josie.

Let’s beat Michael Noonan, Edna Kenny and Patrick

Whoreyhand (of the Central IMF Bank) to the punch.

They are planning to enslave ALL of our people with

and by capitulating to the IMF & “One World Bank”.

“Down With This Sort of Thing”.

Lets’ send them an early Christmas message, the like of

which has never been seen before. That the IMF can now

sling their hook, because “The People of Ireland are not

doing business with the IMF, & they can F**K OFF HOME”

Gandhi Used Our Stuff!!!

Have WE forgotten the fact that Boycotting was created,

Invented and employed for the first time in Ireland by the

Irish People themselves at a local and national level? And

later, Gandhi used it to extricate India from the Debt-Grip

of the Imperialist Crown. Today’s equivalent being the EU.

A Peaceful Christmas.

On the 17th. of November in Mighty Monaghan, the People

will send a very clear and unambiguous message to all the

BLanks of Ireland, and then we will look forward to a really

lovely peaceful Christmas.

Thanks for reading, see

You all this Tuesday ...

Take care of each other.

Des: of the family Carty.

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FYI the Regency Hotel is not in Swords, it is on the Swords Rd in Santry/Whitehall Dublin 9
I wouldn't have known that Kev, This was a post by Des. Thanks for pointing that out to me anyway Kev.


Kev said:
FYI the Regency Hotel is not in Swords, it is on the Swords Rd in Santry/Whitehall Dublin 9

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