the easiest way if you don't fancy the paper work involved is to goto a solictor/lawyer tell him that a stock bond that belongs to you is being held by someone else who won't release it to you and would he be prepared to get it for you
if he say yes then he has entered into contract with you
give him your details, name, birthday and birth cert number etc and instruct him to get your bond off the minister of finance if he refuses after you telling him what your after you can put him on notice as he already contracted to do it.

remember to claim back all the dividend paid on the bond i.e. the money it made you every year from birth cert stock creation to present day you may not get it but will force the issue for later cases

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I am wondering how one can claim their strawman !
a. if they have a uk birth cert
b. if they have lived in southern Ireland for several years
c.if they have a pps number now, instead of a NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER,as in uk
d. Any replies would be welcomed , trying to pay Irish bills with uk strawman, and no National Insurance number , as after leaving uk for 6 months, your right to any NHS treatment requires a National insurance number, so how do I get A number

angela said:

i know the process for americans, but cant find it on ireland.

the other thing that might make it more complicated, i was born in northern ireland and recently moved to the south.

any ideas?

i just joined btw

Benn a couple of yrs since a post...Any more news on this? I'm getting into it now...I've been talking to Dean Clifford and I can tell this is along the lines of the process he hints towards...Know who you are and all that....

Did you do this?

The Birth Cert is a financial instrument that represents a valuable security that is held in trust for your benefit. You do not own it. It is a PERSON, claiming to own it would be slavery and would give you surety... The PERSON is considered to be goods in transit and we are the carrier. A commercial lien effectively lets the Government know that the goods are no longer in transit. Once there is a lien on it you aren't transporting good anymore you are transporting your property...

MISC info/links...

Birth cert profile:

IPN & writing off debt:

HSE info in Birth Certs:

Freeman of the land:
'This can supposedly be proven by entering the numbers on one's birth certificate into various stock-tracking sites to show the current value of one's "bond" on the market. Several popular Youtube videos claim to show evidence that numbers on Birth Certificates are actually CUSIP numbers. In reality, CUSIP numbers are 9 digit alpha-numerical codes. Birth Certificate numbers for the US are 11 digits long. UK birth certificate serial numbers are 10 digits long. In Canada the number is 12 digits long.'

YouTube... Search for:
'Sold into slavery 1932' ... This looks interesting
'Cash in your birth certificate' ... Guy sounds like he in process of cashing in bond/becoming a freeman.

IMF - Long term gov bonds I.e. Maybe there's a need to prefix the Ireland code?

Details above might be of some use... Although absence of anyone actually accessing their traded value on stock exchange like guys in U.S. Seems odd? Maybe we're bonded on U.S. Or UK markets? Overall quite interesting!!

Apparently in 1871 the US owed 100 billion in gold but only an est. 11billion existed worldwide - so international bankers provided loans using the general populous as collateral.... Accordingly birth Certs are used as collateral by U.S. Gov. (the cooperate entity). Birth certificate registers a trust and the Social Security No. Tracks the asset. Interesting.

Seems like in 1971 the International Banking community left the final element of the Gold/Silver Standard behind and moved to a Fiat Currency based on Bonds.  One question I have is what is the total value of the Irish Populous & what % has already been bonded i.e. if the guys in the U.S. are finding quotes for co-operations opened via their Birth certs and are valued in the Millions or Billions - it would be interesting to see what proportion has already been spent - i'm unsure if this is visible via Exchequer info.

Irish bond valuations since 1985... reaching an all time high of 14.76 in January of 1985 and a record low of 0.65 in April of 2015…/government-bond-yield

Although that said the 100 year chart for Gold Prices also details a lot of fluctuation

I guess the real issue here is - have we entered into a Ponzi scheme via the Fiat currency & if this is potentially the case we should have a better understanding of how much our individual asses have been collateralised for?

Cestui Que Vie Trust 1666 act of Britain , that steal all our rights and property look it up must understand it.


constance said:

the 'bond' is the insurance policy on the document...

registration, and then subrogation through the PPS number.?

that's my current comprehension of it.. :)


Rua Gubbs said:

it is hard to be straight to people who by nature of the business they are in are sneeky. I have never met a solicitor who did full disclosure to a client if they did we would never employ them. Do you know that by the law society rules if you employ a lawyer you are then considered as "mentally incompetent" so by there own rules they are a bunch of sneeky bastards and i for one call a spade a spade. If anyone one here can tell me that they have ever done full disclosure to a solicitor or that a solicitor has given them full disclosure then maybe ill stop treating all members of the law society with contempt but i dont think it will ever happen.
Now people getting control of your bond does not mean you will get millions what it does do is allow you to tell them how the money it made you is spent in your community also makes you a primary shareholder in the private company know as Ireland which as far as i understand it they then need to consult with you concerning any company business
Also how can the government own your bond the government is a legal fiction and owns nothing everything the government has belongs to all the humans on this land

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