It is fairly easy to convince your local TD about the dangers of fluoride. I created a detailed well referenced letter about the dangers of fluoride. I come from North Kerry so I sent an email to Jimmy Deenihan and Arthur Spring. Both were convinced of the dangers of fluoride and that the matter should be investigated. I chased them up and they seem convinced that fluoride should be removed. They even agreed to meet the NHF. I sent the same letter to TDs from other counties. I got no reply. Truth be told local TDs only deal with people from their own area. Please find copy of letter attached. If anyone would like to email the letter to their own TD please do not hesitate. If I can convince my local TDs about fluoride with a few emails and phone calls so can you. If every TD in the fine gael / labour government was contacted by a local voter i am sure the fluoride would be removed.

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Easiest way is to ban masons from entering politics. Then you'll just have corrupt shill and whore politicians and secret devil worshippers. Kick them out and I guarantee fluoride will be gone from the water supply in a week.

More info on Water quality, total dissolved solids and a TDS meter for testing your water.

Ireland has second highest reading in the world just under America worse of all read up what I t dose to ye we be all hillbillies in the next decade

I think instead of asking them to act on our behalf to remove this poison from our taps, we should collectively sue the bastards for mass poisoning of the whole nation (the body responsible for approval of fluoridation of water to include irish water), there is enough of evidence, plus it is forced medication which is against the eu laws (for once this nwo body would have its use in a good way). 

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