Very important people listen to this. Remember when massive numbers of people Rightly, protested about the Household Charge? Then, RTE broadcast loads of threats that 'defaulters would be hunted down', and 'Revenue' would come after you, remember that? Yes, you were manipulated! Some of us have still not and will not pay this unlawful tax on the HOME, yes, that very HOME that is protected by Law and by Bunreacht, the HOME is no business for the State. Now, The Filthy State is going to try the same game with 'water charges' (for people who don't have a well, water charges are paid through motor tax and VAT, those of us with a well, to an extent subsidise people on the 'mains' This is not a problem for me at all, everyone must have access to clean water, although mains water isn't clean). So, I think what I'm saying is this; when the government try this stunt again, don't let fear get to you, sooner or later the people must make a stand against government tyranny, it is better for everyone if we make it sooner than later!

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