Living off-grid sounds idyllic, and in reality, it is, however, there is always a 'but' to these things. In this case, you become responsible for your own welfare, your electricity supply is not from the ESB, so when it goes wrong, you have to fix it, same with your water supply, you have to look after your well and the pump gear that supplies your water. I kept our well pump going for ten years with bodged up fixes, then it went beyond repair and we bought a new pump, but for things like this it is more sensible to defer to the local expert, a new submersible pump, including his time and work 600 yo-yos; very fair!

Now as preppers, we do buy in quite a lot of storable food, realistically there are things you can't grow yourself. Meat wise, we have done our own pigs in the past, they are a lot of work and in these times where structured prepping has become a sort of priority, other things you should be doing go on the back burner. We still do our own chickens though and after a few months rearing and care we kill and clean 6 birds in a day.

Security is another area that you dare not rely on external 'forces' to supply, this has to be done in house with innovative alarm systems and devices purposely designed to scare an intruder away, then there has to be the option to use force, a hurley kept behind the door is as good as anything, a shotgun better. Much has been said by the current minister for 'Justice' on this matter, that 'the gardai are there to protect us, so we just need to get on the phone, well in reality 'Minister' (who gets 24 hour protection from no doubt armed gardai) that is easy enough for you to say, when you know all too well that the gardai always arrive too late, but just in time to draw a chalk mark around the body of the 'victim'. Those victims are yours to own 'MINISTER'! I think I have been clear in my point here.

Health is another thing we have to consider, without health, we are finished in this game.

Basically, in Ireland, if you can't pay, you don't get the best, that said, allopathic medicine is probably not the best, vaccines, the mainstay of post modern allopathic medicine are now known to be nothing more than profitable 'snake oil'! When you do the research, you will find a trail of damage from 'Big Pharma' products. We do what is needed, we eat well, drink moderately, supplement as needed and take care of our backs and bones by a ciropractic visit every month, we use colloidal silver for infections, this we make ourselves.

Money. Well, you can't do anything without using filthy Rothschild money. We view money simply as a means of exchange, nothing more; it is there to get the job done, that is it. We keep some cash outside the banking system and have a very small stash of metal as a back up for when cash is gone-and it will go.........its part of the plan.

Other things. We never use the 'Eircodes', its just another fascist database. We have clear signs on the gate that state 'CLEARLY' our Sovereign intent. A gate to your property is very important as it is a 'closure' to your curtilage; no one may enter without your express permission, any one doing so is trespassing and this is a criminal offense, be it a dog warden, council official or some other general twat, those people have no 'authority' over you or your property.

Living off-grid is a powerful statement to a highly dysfunctional outside world, of course we can't stop the chemtrails over our land; not yet any way, but we can mitigate the effects in other ways, diet being the obvious one, clean food helps the body cleanse itself, clean water is also of extreme import (this is why the government mandated fluoridation, all done on Micky Mouse science, I have to add).

So, this is it, of-grid living, yes it is great, but it comes with a price and that price is you have to do for yourself, you have to be the grounds keeper, chef, brewer, electrician, plumber, soldier, brick layer, stone worker, welder, designer, architect, roofer, painter, carpenter, labourer, security specialist, locksmith, metalworker, diarist, weather forecaster (because Met Eireann is crap), animal midwife, possibly human midwife, herbalist, technician, plasterer, battery doctor, inverter doctor, bottle washer and everything else as well. Honestly, its a big job and most people aint up to it! To be fair, I came to this with 'John Seymour like' enthusiasm, only to realise that his excellent books are nothing but a guiding light and to succeed in off grid living, you first have to mature a lot and then get used to biting, sometimes, bitter bullets. If anything, you have to have vision and you have to be fearless and willing to 'go there and do that', even when common sense suggests you don't: but to hell with it, you go and do it anyway.

If you are thinking about this way of life, all I can suggest, is unlearn everything and start with a clean sheet, go with what you 'know' in your heart and NEVER let any set back, no matter how big or small get to you, plough your furrow and keep it straight, never lose sight of the end, because that is where you want to go, and will get to if you listen to your heart.

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