National Party Principles

  1. The National Party believes that the territory of Ireland consists of the whole island of Ireland, its islands and the territorial seas.
  1. The National Party believes strongly in the principle of a Constitutional Republic, founded on individual personal freedoms, rights and responsibilities. We reject and resist a totalitarianism whose essence is found in the totality of State power and the exercise of State authority, and not the ideological direction of that totality.
  1. The National Party believes that the State is the crucible and natural patrimony of the Nation. The State ought not, therefore, be the master of the Nation, but the Nation the master of the State. It follows that the State should act at all times and in every instance, in the interests of the Nation, embodied in one indivisible Irish people.
  1. The National Party recognises the centripetal tendency of the bureaucratic State and its inevitable deleterious consequences in the quality and quantity of State level decision making. We therefore believe that a firm commitment to the principle and application of subsidiarity must be a central tenet of Government at every level.
  1. The National Party approaches our membership of the European Union from the principle of refusing to accept the threatened destruction of our Nation’s freedom, and will endeavour to restore those freedoms which have already, unjustly, been given away.
  1. The National Party believes in an aristocracy of achievement within a democracy of opportunity, practised and established economically by the strong advocacy of Free Productive Enterprise. Consequently we endorse the inalienable right to the ownership of Private Property, and shall defend that right against the equally dangerous encroachment of both State Socialism and Monopoly Capitalism.
  1. The National Party opposes unrestricted immigration, placing above all the preservation of national identity and culture as the bedrock of a principled patriotism.
  1. The National Party insists that no law should permit the provision of Abortion in Ireland.
  1. The National Party demands a complete reform of our criminal justice system, placing the protection of society from criminality as its imperative value, up to and including restoration of the Death Penalty for particularly heinous crimes.

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Brilliant post.

Education needs an overhaul aswel. Kids are broken by being given homework (If your not actually gaining in knowledge about a subject from 6 hours study a day, then its not for you) and are forced to study things which they will never use in their life.

Our approach to Science in particular is basically restrictive and atom-oriented. Any new ideas from the students are dismissed by the teacher while 95% of true science and energies is either not acknowledged or shown wrongly ("debunked").

Its a huge topic, but here are two links for now ...

It should also be noted that God is all but banned in schools, and yet theories like the big bang and evolution are treated as scientific fact.

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