Running a car on water is the hope of many people in the alternative community and I’m no different. People have studied Stan Meyers tech and replicated it with varying degrees of success, the Waterfuelcell demands a skilled level of craftsmanship – 316 L stainless steel pipes have to be tuned inner and outer and all pipes in a cell must all be tuned together – no easy task then the electronics must be built and if installing in a car an alternator must be married to the system, the frequency of the pulsating coil must match all the tuned pipes, the pipes must be conditioned for a long period of time, then there is the issue of maintaining resonance – is there not? It’s all quite demanding but will such a system produce the varying amount of HHO gas needed for a varying engine speed? Has anyone had success with the Water Injector Plug that Stan developed also?
Is a car running 100 % on water running on hydrogen? In the Waterfuelcell it probably is but what about a standard electrolyser that assists in improving mpg, the Browns gas researcher George Wiseman states there is an exotic component of standard electrolysers gas output which he calls Electrical Expanded Water which is neither steam or HHO gas, it is heavier than air, it can be identified by filling two empty pop bottles (say 2 liters) with Browns Gas, this is done by filling the bottles with water and putting the outlet pipe from a Browns gas (HHO) generator to fill the inverted bottles under water, allow the gas to fill each bottle then place both bottles upright, take your thumb off the mouth of one bottle and apply a flame immediately – a loud bang is heard and the bottle is collapsed. The second bottle has its cap removed and allowed to sit for fifteen minutes then a flame is applied now a whoof sound is heard – this is an implosion reaction of the Electrically Expanded Water, the imploding gas creates a vacuum as the hydrogen has left the bottle soon after the cap is removed, it is this component of Browns gas that contributes to the much improved mpg (there is also hydrogen produced and it contributes also but to a lesser extent. Anyone interested in seriously running a car on water should be familiar with Patrick Kelly’s free - energy – chap 10
On page 138 Patrick describes Archie Blue’s generator which looks somewhat similar to a standard one except it has circular plates with holes, the plates are wired in parallel! rather than the expected series, a central pipe is positioned so as to allow air out of the bottom of the generator and dislodge the clinging Browns gas bubbles but also to fulfil the much more important role of cavitating the water and creating Charged Water Clusters as the researcher Moray King calls it, this is the Electrically Expanded Water, it is the manipulation of this exotic component of browns gas that will lead to an internal combustion engine being run on water without the need for a high level of technological input I believe. It is said that Archie Blue had six of these generators to run a car on water in New Zealand. Listen to Moray King describe his understanding of this technology.

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i spent a few years, doing some work at the great central railway, in leicestershire,, had a few brews and lots of chats to the engineers who were restoring steam engines,, even then they were telling me that the powers that be are taking out and distroying water based engines, were running down the industry, in other words dumbing down the skills,, now we have 25/30 year olds ,who carnt change a plug.

There is a great engineering base in the UK, how did it lose its auto industry - a country where the industrial revolution began!

The point of the post is that water itself may well be the most important factor in running a car on water, water has a 'memory' - this has been proven scientifically, water is sensitive to love or hate! surely not you say, yet it's been proven in laboratory

Conventional science won't recognise this yet if we want to understand this substance we may have to embrace a different understanding of the world we live in. Water hates heavy metal music - seriously!!  its structure becomes distorted when frozen after 'listening' to Ossie Osborne!!

Video to show Electrical Expanded Water

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