There used to be a bank card called 3v which you could top-up and link with your paypal to buy stuff on ebay, amazon and from website shops. As of December 2016 the facility is not available any more.

However you may be glad to know that the replacement is called a "Swirl" card, and can be purchased and topped-up from many local Spar and Centra shops and some garages, etc. 

You still have to pay a little extra per transaction but with a bank card like this you don't have to put your own personal bank card details online. 

The advantage of a Swirl card is that its a temporary card and only contains funds that you have topped-up yourself, up to a maximum of €500. Here's a few info points, with more details in the web links below....

  • When the card expires you just get a new one
  • If inactive after 2 months, a fee of €3.50 is charged per month, unless your card has no funds
  • Topping-up Charge - €3 up to 350, and €4 up to 500
  • Transaction Charge - from 80c up to €3 depending on amount you spend
  • ATM withdrawal - €1.50 flat rate

Still better than putting your AIB details online I think.

Happy shopping.

More Info on Swirl ...

While researching a 3v alternative, I also spotted a card called "Skrill" but unfortunately it is a scam, they typically freeze your account and keep the money ...

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