Irish governmental Ministers have repeatedly ignored the Irish People's voice on the Irish Water issue, and now they are using a legal trick to get people to recognize and contract with IW.

The State want you to vote for who will own Irish Water, its like asking a schoolkid which bully they want to beat them up. Whichever way it goes, you still get beaten up.

Not only do we have to Boycott this vote, but we need to spread the word far and wide to expose the State's sinister methods. They have to resort to tricks and assumptions to get the better of us, and try to change our constitution to include their dark agenda. I don't know why we still pay for their nice houses and holidays.

The way to deal with bullies is to fight back and beat the hell out of them. Those parasites want an easy life with you as the target, they don't want to have to fight you, its too much trouble for them.

These Irish Water freaks are just like the cowardly schoolyard bullies. They will say you "must" vote on the Irish Water issue, and tell you to do it when you vote in the general election (which is also a vote for the nanny/bully State).

Your trusted media will beat you over the head with lies, scare-mongering and press-releases until you can't think straight.

People have to stop believing what they hear on TV and the radio, its sick State propaganda but many People are still falling for it.


Its quiet legal aspects they are trying to get the people to pass - and the people not getting the full picture of those legal aspects - deliberately.

Be EXTREMELY careful of those pushing this too. They do nothing unless they have clever worked it all out and even better sly worded it it appears.

NOTE: It would be far harder to abolish Irish Water if it is then legislated into the actual constitution - but they are not also telling you that bit. Obvious why!

They are not even asking IF you want Irish Water put into the constitution - they are not allowing you to get that choice - just insisting you put it in by their sly way! Very democratic? No.​

If this referendum comes up - I WILL NOT be voting at all - as I DO NOT RECOGNISE Irish Water as an entity to have control over our constitution given resources. I will be calling for the people NOT to participate in this sly farce.

 [by Jeff Rudd]

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I'm with you on that one Marc! Stay off their bloody 'databases', never register for anything and if they want to make a scene over it make them do the running. We have been off grid for a good few months now and its very liberating just not having the ESB bill arrive, its one less thing they have control over in your life. People have to start saying NO to all their bullshit and start being serious about things otherwise this tyranny will be never ending!

Marc said:

These tyrants will stop at nothing to control everything. The only way forward for humanity is self-independence, away from their system of control. Be your own master and servant, don't follow the herd, become as free as you possibly can! There's always an alternative..

There are 6 Community Radio podcasts on the Irish Water issue, near the beginning of this link.

Another great page with comments here from Kev, about Irish Water and the legal aspect.

Some great info from Kev here on writing a Notice.

And I will never recognise these shower of c..s also...

Never give up...never surrender.


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