I will preface this post with a short explanation. This email results from a conversation with two close friends of mine, both professionals and from what we would call privileged backgrounds. What started off as "introduced casual conversation" last year has finally turned into a diamond! 

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Gents,(cc'd to the other friend)
After 25 years practising as a solicitor and an officer of the courts and in the spirit of our conversation last night and over the last year in fact, coupled my complete lack of any knowledge of an Irish Police Authority or its beginnings. I am beginning to see the wood for the trees at last, as you keep telling me to "bloody well start looking ahead instead of looking down" and having taken your advice on board because you being a great friend, clever clogs but all round sensible type who doesn't suffer fools like me, gladly, I did just that and I am shocked, truly truly shocked at what is happening around me.

"Legal opinion of sorts peppered with my own thoughts: Having read the draft and my understanding is at this time draft legislation has been introduced,(called a green paper here, a white paper in UK Parliament), this just means Government have published what they intend to introduce, push, force, through Oireachtas as Law. Will require a majority vote in House, to become Law, i.e. become a Statute, lets say "The Irish Police Authority Act 2015" 

If the Dail vote in favour, then the Senate and the finally Hobbit in the Park signs it off then we have the beginnings of a police state and make no mistake, that is just the start. It has little to do with "policing the police" and all to do with how much power they can give themselves.

In everyday speak: They intend completely overruling the Gardai including the Commissioner, with a politically biased Quango, headed up by a so called expert in "Global administration, (imposing taxes and tariffs on Individuals)", so where is there any experience of Law or Justice involved here? There isn't any therefore it sounds very much like a reward for her deviousness on the Revenue's part in the household tax. Her experience is stated as tells the true story of why she was the head of Revenue and now the new Policing Authority as she was chair of the 179-nation World Customs Organisation and of the OECD forum on tax administration. 

God help us, it just gets beyond even MY belief, they are so out there and so fast at rolling this shit out. I would never have believed this fascism could happen so quickly, but when you see their contempt for the public, shoving Irish Water "corporate robbing" down our throats, then you begin to realise that none of this is conspiracy after all. 

They are just selecting who they want in advance to head up a PROPOSED new Elitist State corporate control. Essentially it will be where the police will be under the direct control of Government run Police Authority and not the Department of Justice. Where is the essential separation of Criminal Investigation, including the investigation of politicians, that will be gone, under auspices of State Police Authority? The constitution has been ripped up by this government and they are beginning to implement their own (European) constitution. 

It seems that we are the test bed for a fascist experiment and if we (the judiciary, et al) don't put the boot in now then it will be too late. Having said that many of my "colleagues" are happy with the status quo and are making so much money off the back of this,that they really don't give a second thought to anything else. I feel sickened to say that I was part of this to begin with. Don't expect any or much support from the Chancery Place or the Law Library as they are part of the game too. I'm done with them! 

The governments' choice is use someone who has Global experience of elitist domination and control. Never thought I would say this but she is a Evil Bitch, Cunt, Cow.... 

* And there you have the thoughts of what would be considered one of the elite... We are turning a corner so fast that the government's heads are spinning, like the scene from the Exorcist! Onwards and Upwards folk!!

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I still remember a solicitor in 1995 refer to "Ireland in Trim court as now a police state".

How many here have checked out the Common Purpose agent leaders in Eire? who they are, how they lead outside authority, how they have taken over like a Trojan Horse and we never saw it?

How there is a CP youth movement too creating future leaders?

Now where have we seen this before in his story?



all i can say is foook, this news better get out ASAP

If you cut the beast's head off and it grows another one, you keep cutting its heads off until it has no more will or energy left to grow another head. Then it can be dismembered and its black soul exposed. 

Yes and the core of the Octopus is the Vatican

3 major tentacles- one Washington to control the military.

2 The Crown in the City of London to control the money

1 Vatican city in the key design to control all.

All sovereign cities and most people sadly do not even know.

How many noticed the Pope coming to the city of London and placing his hand OVER the Queen's?

Then he sent her to Ireland and she obeyed- she came to Cashel and how many asked why Cashel and what did she try to do there under darkness?

Spirality said:

If you cut the beast's head off and it grows another one, you keep cutting its heads off until it has no more will or energy left to grow another head. Then it can be dismembered and its black soul exposed. 

And some folk think that I am making a fuss over nothing with this!!  https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/The_Garda_Ombudsman_STOP_GARDA...

A blast from the (recent) past .  Is this ringing any bells ?

Here is my pending remedy to the police state.


Best of luck Jackie ! Keep us posted man .

wow ... that just does not read like "Solicitor Speak" ... and "the State",

is already a "Police State" ... presumably the "she" is supposed to be

Josephine Feehily?  This is the same ol, same ol, when a dirty job is

done ... move them on, up or retire them ... this has been happening

for a long-long time ... within church, state, garda etc.   No better no

worse ,,,   in other words nothing new, so why is it "diamond"?

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