Steorn in Ireland releasing free energy except its not free to buy that is

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Great to see this kind of technology becoming more the "common knowledge" that it should be.

I don't know much about Steorn or which specific technology they are using in their power cells, but I wish them the best, and I hope it becomes very popular once the price comes down to normal.

Steorn have been around about 15 years, there were well funded unlike most R & D operations, I visited their showing at the Water Works near what used to be Boland's mill north side of the city about 5 years ago. They have been working with a tech which they call the Orbo and they had a public demonstration about three years ago. The device did not perform well at the demo and this led to going back to the drawing board to sort out the gremlins. Since this time they had Sterling Allan of PESWiki over to visit and they showed another tech called Hepha Heat. This is a method of heating household water using this overunity device, they may have sold this off as they needed funds to bring this current tech to market. Steorn's CEO is Shaun MaCarthy. They have two device one of which can be ordered immediately.

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