totally out of control, cattle shot because of alleged dabt

Ireland: you are a bunch of animals, you are totally out of control:

You have no idea where I am at the moment, after a day of seeing the injustice that is Ireland: it was a slow start, the registrar had sent the case from her court to the judges list: it was all about the forged paperwork the Bank had produced and then it went bad, real bad; “not interested, ya borrowed the money, possession order” and she ran from the court.

The day the turned beyond bad to fuckin unbelievable: The Hub – Ireland started to receive phone calls about animals being shot……….. from what we can gleam from emotional phone calls: in South Monaghan the farmer / owner was made bankrupt and the receivers moved in, Chris Lahane is the assignee at the hand of Cab.

100 animals (beef bullocks and cows), well fed and well looked after were loaded onto a truck, six heifers could not be fitted in: bad loading: receivers kind of do that.

The owner said he would load the remaining 6, the answer was no. unsure of what to do he returned to his home: the next thing just amazes us, horrifies and sends me into meltdown: the remaining 6, they shot them dead with riffles, they:::: the receivers, the Gardai where there to watch over the whole proceedings, so that’s ok, Chriss Lenane was also there as an agent of Cab, to oversee the shooting of 6 animals.

And it get so much worse: like a plan comes together: They had a Licensed arbiter there to collect the bodies and cart them off to the market.

And it’s ok. I am in feckin tears, we are beyond 1830.

You have a duty to send this viral, with one message: Ireland …. Wake the fuck up, I am crying right now

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