In the year 2014, I was driving in south Kildare, when I became
overwhelmed with an "energy" and what I would describe as a very high level of consciousness, I become flooded with ideas and concepts, to do with life beyond this planet. Among these were things like, "there must be more advanced lifeforms in the solar system.. given the scale of the universe..", "in order to reach space travelling feats of technology beings must be sentient and compassionate" My logic for this was that with higher states of consciousness comes intelligence, but also higher levels of consciousness comes hand in hand with peace, compassion and over all decency. I didnt know where these concepts or ideas where coming from but they seemed to be coming from a very tangible, intelligent source that I could perceive around me. To cut a long story short, what happened next blew me away and convinced me of something I felt for since I was a kid.. Just as I seemed to reach an epiphany and creschendo in my thinking processes, a craft went across the sky at phonenomal speeds. I will never forget that day, nor can I shake the impact its had on my life.
I now know that life exists beyond earth, and they are trying to wake us up to higher truths and universal concepts.
Before this experience I was at times fearful of the notion of other life in the universe, but the realizations I had left me completely at peace with these irrational fears, i feel this understanding needs to be understood by people.. There is absolutely nothing to fear! |

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Ronald Reagan to UN "Simulate an alien invasion and unite all people, religions against a commen enemy" This empowers the ruling bloodlines.

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