I know feck-all about economics so excuse me if this is a bit thick, just getting the raw idea out there.

  • The Pound currency model worked fine in England before 1973 when Britain joined the EU
  • Maybe there is a way to make that older model work for you again, until the euro mess is sorted out

Somebody who was 20 years old in 1973 would be age 63 now.

I think retired and older people should share their essential knowledge and experience, because people need real skills for them to help keep a civilization going.

Its not only for the economy, etc at the moment but People also need general essential skills such as bush-craft /home-steading, manufacturing, and several others. 

  • People please check out Men's Sheds, Guerrilla Kitchen and Incredible Edibles in the UK and Ireland, and very possibly worldwide.

If your area has no Men's Sheds or Guerrilla Kitchen then please feel free to start one, it will add to your communities.

Please don't let "them" bully you into going to war (a cull), instead of really saving your lives and communities.

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So Britain has made the exit from Europe, and Europe (a bunch of unelected corporate busybodies) are giving them a hard time over it. That is who the rest of us are allied to and afraid to leave, Euronanny, who slaps the children before bed.

How to get Britain back in the game ??  The rest of the countries leave the EU aswel, then we can all trade with each other as if we had our own individual cultures again.

Its no big deal, we did it for hundreds of years.

It would be wise and empowering if several hundred thousand people started growing their own window box.

I don't mean plants by the dozen, unless your up for that, I mean just a portable 2 foot long window box with a few heads of Lettuce, some Parsley for your Pasta, and a climbing Pea plant if there is any room.

If you had a bright window in a shed or somewhere you could grow Tomatoes, and a small Raised-bed can hold several Potato plants in a small garden. 

The dual effect is the stability of having some back-up food in the home, and the simultaneous self-empowerment will give a nationwide boost.

There could also be building of vertical-axis windmills, a 12 Volt backup for your home with LED lights, and look at a Bedini / Newman motor for your APU and torque.

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