When you mix cement and water glass 50/50 you get a very thick mix which dries hard in about 20-30 minutes, so make sure you pour the mix into your battery or mould as soon as you can.

I made two makeshift batteries in shot glasses tonight to test the concrete cell, they are rock hard already. And I'm making a few different types of cell to see which type is best before I commit to making 12 Volts worth.

Apparently there is a 3 week waypoint with concrete batteries that will tell if the thing continues to work or not, so after that time I will update this article with some new information.

   Shot Glass cells

  • cement + water glass + magnesium + copper wire + 1 hour = 1.041 V and 0.03 mA
  • cement + graphite filings + WG + Mg + Cu wire + 1 hour = 1.075 V and 0.02 mA

In each test the Voltage kept rising and the Amperage kept falling

   PVC cells

all cells to have cement + graphite filings + water glass

  • Copper pipe 12 mm x 10 mm + Aluminium pipe 25 mm x 10 mm
  • Copper pipe 12 mm x 10 mm + Magnesium coil 100 mm x 4 mm
  • Copper pipe 19 mm x 10 mm + Aluminium pipe 25 mm x 10 mm

more info and cells coming soon

Understanding cement, concrete and mortar (2 min), what is the difference 

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Prototype9000 shows how to mix the cement and make the battery, he also explains why he makes it in the sunshine and why he includes tiny bits of copper and aluminium in the mix


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