The Flute is one of the most ancient musical instruments, thousands of years old. Its also quite simple to make.

This is a short page with a few videos on where to get started making your own Flute from PVC pipe, bamboo, wood, copper, whatever you have.

Short video here from Erik The Flutemaker on playing techniques and the minor-scale flute.

In the 3-part video series below, Charlie Mato-Toyela from Blue Bear Flutes shows how to make a Cherokee style flute from start to finish using just hand tools. He also shows a method of using a hot iron to work the Bamboo. 

His template Flute is 3/4 inch inside diameter, and its length is 13 inches from the middle of the soundhole to the end.

The 5 finger holes are placed at ...

4 and 1/8 (inches)

4 and 7/8

6 and 5/8

7 and 5/8

8 and 5/8

... from the middle of the sound hole.

If you want to calculate some measurements yourself and make a Flute in a key of your choice, then check out the video below by RockFreakinSolid, where you will learn about the physics of Music, and finding the right Flute dimensions.

There is a helpful Flute-hole-calculator in the links.

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Music-By-Interval shares the story of how he made his first Flute, and tells us how to find the hole positions using a piece of string.


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