Again, these posts are just a start and hopefully in time will inspire others to continue the research. 

The first electric car was made by Nikola Tesla, an electrical genius, who powered his car from a power source in his lab. He transmitted the electricity Wirelessly to his car, where it was received and used to turn the motor. He did all this back in 1910. Imagine how far along we would be if his technology wasn't suppressed by big energy/oil, we would quite literally be flying on electricity by now.

We're not just talking about putting all the parts together, though that will come later, but we should re-examine the basic technology of all the parts themselves, from the batteries to the charger to the motors themselves. I include a few ideas to try and get our heads around something completely new.

First, a little bit about electric cars.

The experimental electric racing car  X1  races a Lamborghini and a NASCAR.

Did we ever make electric cars at all? Yes we did, the production car EV1 was extremely popular, so popular in fact that production was stopped and all cars were recalled and destroyed by - big oil. Big energy and big oil are also among those who murder inventors, so be careful and be safe.

Who Killed the Electric Car - part 1 of 8

See this video clip from Who Killed the Electric Car, Stan and Iris Ovshinsky designed and built advanced Ovonic batteries which were stopped by Texaco oil. who-killed-the-electric-car-no-batteries-included .

Power Systems


A new geometry of Motor



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Batteries can be replaced with capacitors and super capacitors, which of course you can make yourself from common materials

The "Who killed the electric car" feature is 1 hour 32 minutes - 334 MB




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