A thread for sharing skills and information about making miniatures, crafts and related tools and resources for a model shop and workshop. Also useful for home-school and weekend projects for all ages.

The thread has a film-making and science fiction slant, but the crafts employed have skills that transfer to all other areas.


Master Craftsman Adam Savage builds a stylized box to carry and display his Blade Runner Blaster prop replica. The entire project took less than one day to complete, and Adam narrates this video with commentary about his design and construction methods. (32 minutes)


To make models, props, costumes, sets and vehicles for a low budget film or theatre, I would suggest using only cheap or free materials available, including pvc pipe, aluminium foil, wire, ducting, LED lights, plastic parts, garden stuff and even unwanted junk if it looks right, assembled and spray painted, but the finished model would need to look like what it's supposed-to, as much as possible. Let your paint dry between coats.

Don't destroy anything that isn't junk, if your borrowing things, people want them back in the same condition they last saw them. If you make a load of props and have a story written to feature them, then that is the makings of a short film that you and some friends who are into that sort of thing can produce.

Its all a learning process. Everything can be tailored to suit your own taste, and may lead on to better experiences as you do more and your skills improve.


The videos below (more coming soon) are about the space craft miniatures and models used in the movies 2001 a space odyssey, Star Wars and Star Trek.



  • Painting and weathering the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, done quickly in 6 very short videos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

  • Airbrush painting the studio scale Millennium Falcon in very fine detail (including weathering techniques) in 4 parts 1, 2, 3, 4.

I will be adding more to this thread, but I had to post it incomplete as my computer was about to crash.

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Here is a short review of what can only be described as a mini bench machine-shop multi-tool.

It is a grinder, sander, lathe, jigsaw, drill-press and milling machine all-in-one, and is available on ebay for around €150+

Its made from aluminium modular units with plastic parts, that you arrange into whatever configuration you want.

Suitable for technically competent teenagers, and craftspeople of all ages.

Painting special effects - How to paint Burnt Metal


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