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It is clear that the old school curriculum is about isolating unique Children, using a punishment system to gain compliance, and negating all creativity and individuality in all the Kids. The purpose seems to be to produce uniform, productive and obedient employees to feed into the banking/money system.

The future of Education is not to produce automatons or re-enforce the authority of the teacher, but rather to equip the Children with our combined-best Life skills and knowledge that is BETTER than anything that has gone before. The Children inherit the World, it will be better for all of us to live in.


Its time we (the People) decided what skills our children will have as they become adults. Many more people every day will have the talents, skills and tolerance needed for Life on Earth a generation from now.

Today we have to think bigger, think out of the box, and think as an experience, not so rigidly. Holographic, where the parts can be changed to suit, instead of Pyramidal.


A Hedge School is where People take matters into their own hands, as far as the Education of the Children goes. It is our right. 

Teaching with fear or aggression will not be accepted. As with other devices of that nature. 


Communities are where it will start to take off. The Community is who is around you, digitally, in your locality, in other known networks, people in your town, city etc. Every Community has people with certain capabilities and skills, and likely able to form many groups with specialist knowledge in their fields. We need to watch out for each other, moving forward is only possible with positivity. No time for jealousy, only support. We really are all in this together!


We have a long way to go, I think we always will. No matter how many lifetimes we have, this is the only one we can do much about. We should be confident and trust in ourselves so that we can grow with time and effort. Lets Live like our Lives depended on it.


This group is for all discussions, articles, and ideas to help make that happen. Thank you for all your work and good thinking ;)


We can start with sharing what we know about...

Critical Thinking



Awareness and Movement

Trivium and Quadrivium (blog) (radio podcast)

The Brehon Law Academy (blog)

Growing Food



Electrical Systems

Making Clothes



Tool making

Building Shelters

Nutrition and Health

Using Raw Materials







Rivers and Trees


Hunting / Gathering / Fishing





...and much more.


All articles are welcome, and it should be expected that, over time, they will be improved upon.

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Comment by Spirality on January 5, 2014 at 8:04

Stan Meyers Water car video/water-powered-car

The Water Car Technical video

A few other inventors gone video/water-car-inventor-murdered-1

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: the best kind video/how-to-make-an-inexpensive-vertical-wind-turbine-part-2 This one uses bearings from a "lazy suzan", but you can use another type, or try some magnetic levitation!

More Wind Turbine Technology video/home-made-wind-turbine

Resin-covered Stator video/building-the-stator-for-my-v-a-w-t

Wind Coils youtube/watch?v=rjYv-BRCdJc

Comment by Spirality on January 4, 2014 at 9:42

Its a shame they murdered so many inventors, all to keep their Oil empire going for the past 120 years of fueling cars. I have a feeling things are so bad for so long that we will have to just have Hydrogen as research, and go into production with Electric cars instead. A car driving for 1 day uses an adult Human's oxygen supply for 1 year, an electrical system doesn't use up the air by burning anything.

There are a few devices to look at re: making your own electricity...

And also ways to make your own wind generator, or a neighbourhood group can build one as a project?

[Hydrogen technical PDF document]

[Video explaining Meyer's system]

[Picture of Hydrogen reaction chamber]

[Andrija Puharich explaining how to split water with sound]

Comment by JJ on January 4, 2014 at 9:01

Thanks Spirality, a 2000 page read for the winter months :o-) I am not surprised Kelly found it difficult to explore Stan Myers' work. Myers refused to sell his patent to the oil companies and shortly after was awarded the NWO Body-Bag. The Japanese launched a water powered car in 2011 and they got Fukushima! Even Brown's Gas is not used here in Ireland and it's been around for decades. As we live up in a forest here I was investigating the use of a small steam engine to generate electricity but haven't found anything yet to be suitable and cheap enough.

Comment by Spirality on January 4, 2014 at 5:37
  • Patrick Kelly's brilliant online Free Energy Devices PDF book (40mb) was updated in December, here is the download page or [download now]

  • It a great reference for People experimenting with generating their own electricity, or interested in exploring other Technologies.

Comment by breda murphy on January 3, 2014 at 20:12

Thank you ,for asking me ,to join your group. Peace

Comment by Spirality on January 2, 2014 at 14:41

There is a danger that a "purely digital" hedge school would be just a cerebral exercise, its better like you say JJ, to involve the kids actively in their own lives.

I know most of the information we might use in the short term is all in digital form, but the articles should be printed aswel, because digital is not dependable enough to weather the storm. If someone is unlucky enough to depend on Cloud computing for all their files, where they are stored on someone else's computer (!?), then their access is controlled by someone else. That is the opposite of where we want to be. It would not take much to make your files completely inaccessible, so print the important stuff and keep it safe.

There is no age limit on learning, and people should follow what interests them, what excites them and what they are good at. Remember in these early stages, that we are all programmed with the old school methods, while we try to invent the future of our civilization. Its not going to be easy at the start - thinking outside our box, and we will get it wrong some of the time, but it will be worth it for the world we create.

I did envision a gathering of kids in someone's home, a community hall, etc, and two adults per class that can pass-on Everything they know.

I suggest classes of 4 hours per day, 4 days per week, topic based, any age.

We might think about new words aswel, for example a word to replace "class", which is associated with compartmentalization, categorization, racism, snobbery, etc.

I suggest the word "hedge" instead of "class"? I suppose time will tell what people decide to say.

Comment by JJ on January 2, 2014 at 6:29

Thank you Spirality for this thoughtful initiative and yes I agree we have a Constitutional Right under Art 42 to educate our kids AND the Children's Referendum is still in the Four Courts being challenged. The great concern for parents is the State's invasive powers to usurp parents' rights to educate and control the education of our kids, so I presume we are talking about a purely 'digital hedge school' where we share our ideas here on line as opposed to working towards a physical hedge school locally and take our kids out of main stream State schooling?

My eldest is 18 this year and great at book learning but struggles with home skills like gardening, growing food or constructing a shelter. My younger kids 8y & 5y hate school and don't see its relevance in 'their' understanding of life. They also miss fun and play at school because of its rigid structure. I encourage my young kids to plant their own potatoes to get the connection and joy of eating something they created. Early morn here so I'll get my thinking cap on for an article. Cheers JJ


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