Adding Content

Tír na Saor is community based website and develops by the member added content. The content added shapes the community as a whole so we simply ask that it is 'on-topic', relevant and preferably solution orientated.


There are several categories to choose from when adding forum discussions and the use of tags on videos, blogs and photo's is great for ensuring easier searches at a later date.



Content can be added in 3 ways:

1. Float your cursor over the relevant tab above and follow the 'add' link in the drop down menu.

2. Using the tabs above to go to the relevant area, you will have a box (top right): '+Add' and follow the onscreen instructions.

3. You can add content using a new feature on the main page above 'latest activity'. Just click want you want to add and follow instructions.


Adding Video:

When adding video you are looking for an 'embed' code, not a url. These are usually easy to get from the extra options on stream sites like YouTube (note when using YouTube click the option to use 'old embed code').

Copy that link into the space provided on this site.

(Don't foget: add tags to your vid once it's been added for ease of access  ;-)


Adding Photo's:

Again we ask that only relevant photo's and images are added. Check out our featured photos to get an idea what we're after.



We're always on the lookout for great blogs to feature! They're added in same manner as the above and we look for original member added articles, rants or research.



[Any and all content on the site should be considered 'as is', and is for stimulating debate and discussion on the matter to work towards understanding and truth. Admin will only remove content in extreme circumstances where it is in serious disregard for our posting guidelines or mission statement. You can report an issue for any reason by scrolling to the very bottom of any page.]

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