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CoD shared Arthur's photo on Facebook
Nov 3, 2014
CoD replied to Spirality's discussion Violent Murderer installing Water Meters
"I agree with you whole heartedly,justice is only available to those with the money to get it."
Nov 3, 2014
CoD replied to Spirality's discussion Violent Murderer installing Water Meters
"Be your opinion as it may,if you have a problem it is with the system of justice not the man He has paid the debt to society that he was handed down so leave him alone to get non with his life or could it be possible that the system is flawed"
Oct 27, 2014
CoD shared Diane, Denizen's photo on Facebook
Oct 27, 2014
CoD shared martin farrell's blog post on Facebook
Oct 26, 2014
CoD replied to j's discussion Is this another shocking COVER -UP ?
"Sure this country is riddled with cover ups We all either know of them or no someone who does so why are we surprised when this happens We live on an island where corruption is rife and morals are something to be laughed at"
Oct 25, 2014
CoD liked NO's discussion How to handle a judge in court. "Knowledge is power! "Who you are" or " Where you stand"
Oct 16, 2014
CoD replied to NO's discussion How to handle a judge in court. "Knowledge is power! "Who you are" or " Where you stand"
"Very well written and to the point Thank you"
Oct 16, 2014
CoD replied to Spirality's discussion Violent Murderer installing Water Meters
"He has served his time What more can he do to repay his debt to society I may not agree with the sentence passed but all the same He did what was asked of him"
Oct 10, 2014
CoD commented on David's blog post David
"What bollocks is this"
Oct 4, 2014
CoD replied to paddy farrell's discussion tobacco in the group Irish Tobacco Growers
"Could tobacco be grown under lights year round?"
Oct 4, 2014
CoD posted a status
"What do I type into google to find irish water internal strategy"
Sep 28, 2014
CoD shared Diane, Denizen's photo on Facebook
Sep 20, 2014
CoD shared Diane, Denizen's photo on Facebook
Sep 20, 2014
CoD shared Arthur's photo on Facebook
Sep 18, 2014
CoD liked Kev's discussion How to approach every legal issue - even if you've no experience!
Sep 6, 2014

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At 20:15 on November 28, 2011, Diane, Denizen said…

Thanks Chris, this was unexpected but none the less welcome.

At 21:38 on November 23, 2011, JJ said…

Have you watched THRIVE yet? I just watched it again and as an opener for the un-enlightened or partially awake it's a great start.
Let me know what you think of the film (on You Tube)
Also, just dropped a note to the ESB:

Máistir Gaoithe
Cathair Saidhbhín
Co. Chiarraí

A\C No: 903 294 889

The Customer Relations Manager
ESB/Electric Ireland November 2011

A Chara,

I just paid my last electricity bill and I noticed a salutation after payment received suggesting my electricity use approximates to half a ton of carbon emissions.

Why do I need to know this?

Everyone knows that CO2 does NOT contribute to global warming. Lord Nigel Lawson chaired the UK Committee on global warming and CO2 emissions and found no relationship and no cause and effect with regard to CO2.

ESB/Electric Ireland is supporting a lie by putting this information on my bill and I think that the Company, to maintain its integrity should not endorse a falsehood.

If you have the slightest doubt as to the veracity of what I am writing simply check with leading climatologist Professor Timothy Spall and a thousand other Professors, scientists and climatologists.

The IPCC was discredited some time ago now for rigging the data in order to introduce global taxation in the form of cap and trade carbon taxes. Al Gore's film – An Inconvenient Truth was proved to be manipulated propaganda, false and funded by Enron, whose CEO was jailed for corruption.

I know you are a giant multi-billion corporation but nonetheless you should be aware of the global shift in thinking about honourable and transparent trading.

Please bring this up in the Board Room and propose not to support this lie. Global Warming is caused by the sun and Chem-Trails being littered across our skies in a vain attempt to control the weather; which clearly isn't working.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to your response in due course.
I like to fire at least one 'dart' a week to whatever organisation needs a reminder of truth. If one person reads it, an acorn is planted.
A pee into a Force9 I know but think of the maxim:
What do you do with the awkward cowboy; have him inside the tent peeing out or outside the tent peeing in? :o-)

At 19:11 on November 21, 2011, JJ said…

ps; we used to use the Malton Hotel next to the railway station for about €100 for an evening (ie, 20 x €5 or worse case 10 x €10) If we could get 50 people then we could start a fund for dvds etc and next meetings. Liam has contacts for mass production as the "Kerry Research Group" which we had up and running until the Chairman got raided and fled the country

At 19:06 on November 21, 2011, JJ said…

Hi Chris,

Yes I am game :o-) weekdays/eves good. It's an hour away from here. w/ends no good as wifey works.
What principle theme(s) are we looking at for a meeting? There's so much going on right now; the Sovereignty issues, vaccinations and the deaths from the Gardasil jabs, the Global Warming lie & carbon taxation. People need to know what's happening but they need hope too. Perhaps the THRIVE movie would be a good start. A renegade from the Elite has made a movie to show the masses what the Banksters & Corporations are up to. I thought it was really informative.

At 15:30 on November 7, 2011, It, Which is That said…
Well bro, I hope that we one day can all see our own eternal lights, and draw it forth within the rest. After all this time I think I've got it nailed: no matter how grim people make things out to be on the socio-economic level of life, we should always remember the beauty constantly unfolding on all fractal'ic levels of existence - never forgetting we're an insubtractable part of all of it.

Cheers for the friend request - Go forth and shine!
At 18:32 on October 20, 2011, JJ said…
Welcome to our circle :o-)
JJ, Kaz and 3 kids

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