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Simple poem I wrote!


what a wonderful force,

that which sustains.

sitting patiently,

restless from the battles of the night

i can't help but marvel,

how, in sync, with the radient sun

you evapourate the murkiness of early morn, with ease,

towering over in the shape of a protective oak

surrounding me as an encouraging gust

rolled out beneath me as a sea of emerald green

softly supporting me on my meadow's saunter

what a privilage to…


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Australian Desert Farm Grows 17,000 Metric Tons Of Veggies Using Seawater And Sun

A desert farm located in Australia utilizes hydroponic methods and clean energy to grow 18,000 tomato plants.

photo credit: Sundrop Farms…


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Is a Scary Prophecy Written in 1907 About Obama Coming True 5 Days Before Trump Inauguration?

Published on Jan 4, 2017

In 1907, a book was published called "Lord of the World." This book is about the a U.S. Senator named Julian Felsenburgh, who quickly ascends to become "President of the World."…


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March Against Monsanto, Happy New Year, MAM supporters!

 Sadly, 2016 became the year the US became the first country to ban GMO labeling!

Despite the blatant corruption of our elected officials, we the people have created change. The power of voting with our wallets is reflected on our store shelves as more and more food manufacturers are turning to natural and non-GMO options to satisfy a growing…

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Canadians not told about banned pesticide found in medical pot supply


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Truth is the Way

The best way to live is in Truth. Being true to yourself and true to others.

Truth IS the Way (path).

Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

To live in truth is…


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The Current Need For the Dolphin Totem

Almost every indigenous people of Europe, Africa, and the Americas understood the significance of observing other lifeforms and how they dealt with the environment to draw not only practical lessons of survival, but deeper revelations concerning our existence here. We're taught that this was a form of insightful reflection of the Native Americans, but a more extended period of colonization has obscured the same practices here in Ireland and other lands. And now, in this moment of ecological…


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Top Ten Secret Societies

Top 10 secret societies, think tanks, exclusive clubs, policy-planning groups and fraternities that every conspiracy theorist should be familiar with and some facts behind them.  (source article: )


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Live Animal Trap (Mouse, Rat, Squirrel)

If you want to catch a mouse or rat without killing it, then please read on. 

This is a very simple mouse-trap to make from a plastic bottle and coat-hanger wire.  …


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Testosterone - How to increase it naturally

Testosterone strengthens and builds muscle and bone, and is essential for every Man's health, not just athletes and bodybuilders.

Avoid hormone replacement therapy because your body will stop producing its own Testosterone, and the endocrine system is too complex to be fixed with a pill.

  •     The most common Testosterone deficiency symptoms…

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Received summons for District Court

Hello everyone,

First time posting on here, and just looking for some up to date advice on what to do when a summons is received.

The summons is in my name, and was at the house i'm renting a room in. I'm assuming it was just left in the letter box, and my flatmate put it under my bedroom door. Not sure if he accepted it in person, and i'll check that as soon as possible.

The summons seems in order, I've checked what needs to be included on it to be valid, so I…


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a Motion in limine

a Motion in Limine as
a Third Party Intervenor making a Special Limited Appearance. In this Motion you
require that anyone bringing charges against the DEFENDANT must prove the nature
and identity of the DEFENDANT and provide their evidence…

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Lisbon treaty article 50

They are not out of the woods yet.  There is a long road ahead.  Anything could happen in the time they are withdrawing.  Pretty scary really.  Not a time for celebration.

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Fake Space Trip - MARS

Solar activity in the Earth's Thermosphere can reach over 1000 degrees C 

Aluminium melts at 660 degrees C

So how do you get something into space without the Solar radiation melting the spacecraft? 

How do you get anyone past the Van Allen radiation belts alive, if they exist?



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The Talmudic Shetar.

The Talmudic ShetarThe Talmudic Shetar

The Shetar is a Jewish distortion of commercial law in that it has been allowed to override the laws of the occupied…


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 How gangsters committed mass genocide across Britain from 1066 to the present.

       William the Bastard…


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