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Nothing New about the NWO...same ol same...But perhaps it is You and I who are NEW..?


There is something very wrong with our world.

In the ensuing years since the attacks upon new yorks world trade center on september 11th 2001 our societies have gone down very different paths to what the people of the world had hoped to see ushered in with the new millenium. Now there is a sense of forboding that encompasses the globe. A sense that all is not quite right, that some unseen malaise exist like a deeper undercurrent that flows just below… Continue

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The Gift is Inside You

By Visionary artist Jarah Tree


The gift is inside of you ,

it is in your heart,

it is in your hands,

infinite is this life,

infinite are the possibilities,

In the end the power to change,

To grow, to evolve ,

is yours and the creators alone…

You are the one, there is no other,

There is no other way,

Ultimately it all comes back to you,

You hold within you… Continue

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Opting out of Body Scan at Airports

Things I Learnt By Opting Out Of An Airport Body Scan

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With the recent reports that showed X-ray body scanners in airports “after testing produced dramatically higher than expected results” recently, and with more money set aside to buy more, plus my first ever X-ray ‘opt-out’ at Los Angeles Airport today, it seems a good time to pass along my experiences of what actually happened when I opted out, and some surprises I got.

There have been some… Continue

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