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Native Herbs

Glossary of Western Terms

ACRID:Has biting taste or causes heat/irritation when to the skin.

ALTERATIVE:Indicate a substance which alters a condition by producing a gradual change toward the restoration to health.

ANALGESIC: Relieves or diminishes pain; ANODYNE: Eases pain.

ANAPHRODISIAC: Reduces sexual desire or potency.

ANTHELMINTIC: Expels or destroys intestinal worms.

ANTIBIOTIC: Destroys or arrests the growth of micro-organisms.

ANTICOAGULANT: Prevents… Continue

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The slow fuse will keep burning through July

Although it is impossible to predict exactly how the smoke will twirl off the end of a cigarette, you can predict with certainty that eventually the smoke will be evenly distributed throughout the room. In the same way, while it is impossible to predict the individual twists and turns of the collapse of the Federal Reserve Board and the Western financial system, the end game is not in doubt. In this case, a look at the macro numbers, such things as balance of payments, external debt, tax… Continue

Added by Leo Pope Of D Discordian Church on July 18, 2011 at 21:57 — 3 Comments

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