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Introduction to Renewable Energy and Zero-Point Energy

Renewable energy is generated by tapping the Energy potential in natural resources such as Sunlight, Wind, Rivers, Rain, Tides, Bio-fuel, Bio-mass and Geothermal heat, which is usually done on a large scale, but more often in recent years has become localized by People and is being used in communities and homes. Renewable energies are naturally occurring on the Earth and are in constant motion, so their Energy source appears to be continuously replenished.…


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Activism Over the Years – Have We Lost The Art of Protest?

By Frederick C. Millett

Non-violent activism – the practice of non-violence to emphasize direct vigorous action

in opposition to or support of a controversial issue – has been around now for over 150 years,

ever since Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience.” Not until the last 30-40 years, though, has activism

become an integral part in our everyday lives, changing the course of history and creating

protesters and activists out of ordinary…


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