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Zen And The Art Of Unemployment

Last night my wife, while disposing of Emmanuel's remaining possessions, came across a selection of Emmanuels thoughts with a note attached saying, for publication. He did not state where to publish it. We have taken it upon ourselves to publish it here. M.F.    …


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The time reads 23:45, I'm halfway through some weird illness, My back aches, my desk is a mess, and last night after a short illness we sadly had to euthanize my faithful body servant, Mr Emmanuel Nowak the Second.

I won't lie to you, the choice between a third week in Tuscany and keeping Emmanuel in our employ was a tough one, we paid a lot of men a lot of money to…


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For the purpose of the this blog I have drawn heavily on the work of Alfred Korzybski, so heavily in some places that one would be justified in saying that this blog is but a tracing.

Artist David Hockney in his book — Secret Knowledge — claims da Vinci and his contemporaries were using camera obscuras and mirrors to project their real-life subjects onto the canvas, and then simply tracing the…


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Tir Na Saor International Photography Competition

Tir Na Saor International Photography Competition…


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Poetry Is For Everyone.

Hi folks I need your help with a little experiment. As you may have noticed there has been quite a bit of chatter in relation to varying belief systems on the site as of late.

William Burroughs once suggested that cut-up poetry may be an effective form of divination…


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Anarchism and Crime by Wilson and Shea

This article ran in Green Egg. I could not find a date, so all I can say is it was in the 1970s. It reads like one of the missing appendices for Illuminatus!, but I can't think of anyone I could ask to test my theory. My thanks to Mike Gathers for making it available to everyone. -- Tom.)

Anarchism and Crime

By Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea

Because anarchists aim at the abolition of government, the first question they are usually asked is, "What…


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Thinkers vs Feelers Bridging The Gap

Thinking vs. Feeling

As this site grows in popularity (Thanks Slime Time) many more "Thinkers" and "Feelers" will come into contact with each-other. Generally, when thinkers and a feelers get together, trouble is not far behind. To the thinker, the feeler is not communicating any patterns. It is just random words with no meaning. To the feeler, the thinker is like a robot saying a lot of words, but none of them click emotionally so it makes little or no…


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Tir na Saor International Poetry Contest.

Tir Na Saor International Poetry Competition

Poetry is the art of uniting pleasure with truth.



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Fuck It The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Some months ago I came across a little gem of a book entitled, Fuck it the ultimate spiritual way by John C. Parkin. I use this magnificent phrase on an almost daily basis, but rarely if ever have I stopped to consider the powerful effect this simple phrase can have on the average being.

Below is an excerpt from this fine book, that will hopefully inspire you to find out how to say fuck it to all your problems and concerns. Say fuck it to all the "shoulds" in your life and finally do…


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Why are we all so fucking stupid, and what the fuck are we arguing for?

On my desk sits a copy of Edward De Bono's, "Why So Stupid?"

It is a question I have often asked of others and myself. At 4:00am on the 25th of March in the good year of our lord 2012, my answer is a simple one, most of us have never been instructed in the art of thinking, and those of us who have, or at least think we have, have in all likelihood been instructed in "case making" masquerading as thinking, of course there are always exceptions to the rule, if you are one of those…


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