Unreal amount of Chem trail spraying in Irish skies yesterday above North Kildare. The enclosed picture is from an Air France plane flying from Paris to Toronto followed quickly by another Air France plane and an Emirates flight all churning out Toxins over our skies. Notice the haze above the trail as a result of a morning of persistent spraying.

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Comment by Stonebreaker on April 9, 2017 at 22:07
The last few weeks as the 'sunny' weather begins, we've had Major spraying nearly everyday, I work outdoors so I see it all the time. Only Saturday just gone, 8th April '17, there was no spraying, over Dublin anyway, and it was a gloriously sunny day, cloudless with a majestic blue sky. It's incredible that I now appreciate these days even more as a consequence of the reality that I know of, that is chemtrails. These last weeks have been astounding in the amount they have sprayed over this part of OUR sky. The logistics of what they do amazes me though. They have really ramped it up this year. All the planes, all the chemical powder they have to use to blanket OUR skies. Who's paying for it, who's organising the planes' flight paths, because some of them don't seem to be typical paths. Anyway, I will look forward to the days when they are gone from OUR skies, but until then, I know that we are marching ever onwards into there 'one world' agenda. Peace out!
Comment by Colum on March 26, 2017 at 22:10

Unreal spraying this weekend, sky was pristine this morning and this is the chemical soup that's been churned out throughout the day. Only noticed it was a year since the last heavy bombardment. God only knows the impact this shite has on peoples health! It like people are being treated as animals living in a farm or should I say Pharm!

Comment by Colum on March 26, 2017 at 22:03

Comment by Colum on April 7, 2016 at 21:21

Thanks I'll check him out. 

Comment by Shakeupnwo on April 7, 2016 at 17:15

yeah its one thick blanket if poison . Definitely look up the work of Wilheim Reich .yhere is free technology out there that can stop this .

Comment by Stonebreaker on March 27, 2016 at 0:42
I woke up early yeasterday morning, Good Friday, at 7am and looked out the window to see a glorious blue cloudless sky. It looked like it was going to be a scorcher of a day. Alas, knowing what I know, what we know, I had a feeling it wouldn't last long. Low and behold, the next look out the window was at about 11am, our blue sky had turned it to a cris-cross patchwork of lines, grids, x's, with blankets of candy-floss haze. It was unprecidented, some of the worst spraying I've had the misfortune to witness over these last years, it seems to be getting worse, as the months and years go by. Whatever you believe 'they' might be doing, weather modification, mass poisoning, Haarp related agendas, etc., it absolutely disgusts me to my very core that they 'think', they can rob us of our sun and beautiful skies. They belong to Us! We own these skies. How dare they treat us with such contempt. And believe me, that is exactly what it is, utter contempt. Slowly but surely, we are being robbed of our sovereign natural human rights of existance. As we watch our skies being pumped with sun-blocking poisons, our streets slowly being normalised into a police-state, and as we watch 'Operation Gladio' style false-flags rob us of more and more freedoms, 'to give us more freedoms'. I watch it unfold, year on year, and it plays out like a perfect script, when your eyes and mind are open, and can see through all the lies and propaganda. I hope I am wrong, and eventually good will triumph over evil, but I think we have many years more to take of their agenda, unfortunately. The speed at which 'fine gael' have dragged us, and marched us, into playing catch-up with the rest of the more enslaved western countries, has been disheartening to say the very least. We all have duty now to 'wake-up' as many people as we can everyday, and at every opportunity. But we must be wise also because we all know how the masses are trained to shut-down when they hear harsh truths and critical thinking. I hope their are better days to come, when the wheels slowly fall off their wagon, as we enlighten the masses to their enslavement. Then I will rejoice. But until then, I will fight, harass, harry, educate, listen and enlighten. We are the all, the heroes that we need. NEVER GIVE UP!

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