a Motion in Limine as
a Third Party Intervenor making a Special Limited Appearance. In this Motion you
require that anyone bringing charges against the DEFENDANT must prove the nature
and identity of the DEFENDANT and provide their evidence of the DEFENDANT'S
nature and identity to you prior to proceeding.
Now, this is basic due process in all courts and all venues. How can a court proceed
without establishing who or what the parties to an action are? Logically, they can't.
If, however, the Judge denies your Motion in Limine he is caught during the defense
measures and has to allow your evidence regarding the nature and identity of the
DEFENDANT---- which neither he nor the prosecutor want revealed, because it will
prove that they have been engaging in attempted personage and barratry and have
been knowingly misaddressing their charges to you---a man who is exempt from
their charges and alien to their jurisdiction.

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