Computer games aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you like a futuristic fantasy adventure with great customization and a huge playing field, then Anarchy Online is for you.  MMORPG is Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game, and AO really shows how it should be done.

Set 30,000 years ahead in one possible future, the AO world of Rubi-Ka is occupied by holograms which have either sided with the ICC Omni Corp, joined the rebel Clans, or gone Independent (Neutral). There is also local wildlife, tribes, bosses and an Alien invasion going on, so always plenty to do. Players get to choose a matching breed and profession (class) for their character, participate in (customizable) solo and team missions, use profession-specific implants to enhance the character's abilities, and talk to in-game players and characters to get "jobs" and side-missions.

Free to play (up to level 200), this game was made around 2001 and has set a very high standard for games of this type.  Anarchy Online should work on an old Pentium 2 computer. You'll notice that the graphics are a little basic, but they improve occasionally with new patches which are updated automatically. The game is very playable and has won many awards, most notably for a great music score.

An email account is required to play, and if you update to a paid subscription you'll have access to even more of the AO universe in the expansion packs. Each email you log with allows you to play up to 6 different toons (characters). 

You will also see links on that site about the game, and a forum for paying players.

As far as I know, the game won't run on computers with AMD processors, Anarchy Online will only run on Intel computers.

If your having problems and want to start again, try "run as administrator" in the properties of the Install file in the original download folder, and a fresh install into a different directory.


See the videos below for an idea of the game-play and some playing tips.

Quick video guide to Professions (class) and what Breed is most suitable for each

Aswel as getting missions from mission terminals, you can explore the Subway up to level 25, then check out Temple of the Three Winds up to level 60, and on to Foremans after that. Take plenty of cheap back-packs for loot to sell in the shops, and keep an eye out for good weapons and armour.

TOTW - How to get the teleport key and get there fast

The First Official Trailer

Main Controls in the game (see the PDF Manual for the full list) .... 

Move - W,A,S,D 

Attack - Q

Sit/Stand - X  (you must be sitting to log-out, and also to use certain heals and equipment in the game)

Strafe - C,Z

Use - E

Run/Walk - [backspace]

Jump - [space]

Move lock - [num-0]

Action Bar - Y

Planet Map - P

Inventory - I

Options - [f10]

View / Info - T

Target Self - [f1]

Select / View / Activate - Mouse

To Log Out, sit your character down and click the "logout" button on your action bar - your game will be saved and you will return to normal Windows in 30 seconds.

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Comment by Spirality on June 27, 2015 at 23:19

The new Noob area  (it used to be a beach), and a quick look at the new ICC

Comment by Spirality on June 25, 2015 at 23:33

Good link here to help you find out about the various Items in the game, and the details you will be looking for....

Comment by Spirality on June 21, 2015 at 21:40

5 Reasons to play this computer game

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