Great games aren't always about super graphics and gore, what is most important is how they play. The classic Doom 1 and 2 are full of action and atmosphere, despite their simplicity. Doom is one of the very first, first-person shooters, and you may find it quite absorbing.

The original 16 bit Doom will only run on computers from the early 90s, such as a Pentium 2 (info), if you want a 32 or 64 bit version, get something like Doom Ultimate. There are a few modifications for the 32 and 64 bit Doom such as Gzdoom (info), and Brutal doom (info), but you'll need the actual game to use the mods. 

  • Set in an experimental teleportation base on the Mars Moon Phobos, where a portal to hell has been opened. You play as a Marine sent in to rescue survivors, but there are only demons, monsters and other Marines who have been turned into zombies!

There are 5 difficulty levels suitable for players of any experience, and the maps and mazes are interesting and full of secrets and surprises. Also available for games Consoles.

Turn out the lights, put on the headphones, and prepare to meet your doom!

Original 16 bit:

Doom 1 (2.3mb)

Doom 2 (6.5mb)

Torrent 64 bit:

Doom 2 and Ultimate (~35mb) 

  Torrent client (program):



Move - arrow keys

Open doors - Space

Fire - ctrl

Strafe - < and >

Run - shift

Crouch - C

Jump - V

Map - tab

Control keys can be viewed and changed in the Settings menu

Some keys (and mouse) may not work in original editions


Get full weapons and keys - IDKFA

Get full health - IDQD

Gain temporary advantage - IDBEHOLD + R (radiation suit), I (invisible), V (invulnerable), A (area map), L (light amplification visor), S (berserk) 


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Comment by Healer on June 29, 2016 at 16:47

The first time I ever played this game, me and my friend would repeatedly get SOOOO lost. 

Comment by Spirality on May 7, 2016 at 4:59

A few levels of gameplay, A Doom 2 Walkthrough on "Ultra Violence" difficulty. Part 1
PC-Version played with free Mouselook on the Doomsday-Engine + Add-Ons for HD-Textures.

- MAP01 Entryway
- MAP02 Underhalls
- MAP03 The Gantlet
- MAP04 The Focus

And for a slaughter-filled festival of bullets  ...

(short description below, visit the you tube link for a full description)

Project Brutality is basically a superduper upgraded version of Brutal Doom, has got an update today (31.08.2015) which can be grabbed here  

Project Brutality is a very good addition when you are bored with Brutal Doom (bored with Brutal Doom? Hell, Brutal Doom soon will be five years old!), pa1nki113r made a lot of new things, tweaks and other candies to make you enjoyed while playing Project Brutality with standard Doom WADs and custom PWADs. Project Brutality is only available for GZDoom 2.X released and Zandronum 3.X releases. If you want to read Project Brutality manual without download the mod, you can find it here

Project Brutality (HXRTCHUD is inside the pack) -
Maps Of Chaos -
Ultimate Icon Of Sin -
GZDoom -
Zandronum 3.X -
Brutal Doom -
Facebook -
Youtube -
Doom Metal Soundtrack -

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