Live Animal Trap (Mouse, Rat, Squirrel)

If you want to catch a mouse or rat without killing it, then please read on. 

This is a very simple mouse-trap to make from a plastic bottle and coat-hanger wire. 

The general principal of that coat-hanger design is where the mouse's own body weight causes the bottle to tilt in such a way as to block the opening, as shown in the pictures below. If you want to catch a rat or bigger, just increase the size of the whole device. 

The links below are in order of simplicity (I think), starting with the easiest, as simple designs are generally more reliable. They show how to make humane animal traps.

Water traps are designed to stop the animal from jumping out of the bin or bucket, but can also drown the animal depending on how much water you use. 

Water Bucket Paper-Tube Mouse/Rat Trap

Coat Hanger Plastic Bottle Mouse/Rat Trap (as above) 

Water Bucket Rolling Glass Bottle Mouse/Rat Trap 

Mosquito Plastic Bottle Trap 

Plastic Bottle w/Trigger Mouse/Rat/Squirrel Trap 

PVC Pipe Tilting Squirrel/Rat Trap 

Fishing Basket/Net (Wire Cage)

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