Online Course - Ancient Ireland Culture and Society

Greetings friends, 

for those interested I would like to invite you to check out my online course: Ancient Ireland Culture and Society which has 40 Lectures covering a wide range of topics over 4 hours.

Study at your own pace and ask question in the discussion boards.

Course Outline:


My online course: Ancient Ireland - Culture and Society is finally LIVE and ready to go!

After many many months in the making it's great to finally be able to make this content available to anyone with an internet connection!

Learn in your own time and at your own pace as we cover 40 lectures over 4 hours!

Course Outline:

Part 1: Blood and Soil
1.1 An Túath agus An Fine - The Tribe and The Family
1.2 The 3 Primary Family Units
1.3 Father, Husband, Warrior, King
1.4 Dwellings
1.5 Rights of Women
1.6 Mná na hÉireann – Women of Ireland
1.7 Marriage
1.8 Imscarad – Divorce
1.9 Children and Fosterage
1.10 Land Ownership
1.11 Orbae - Inheritance
1.12 Blood and Soil Section Summary

Part 2: Status and Society
2.1 Status and Society
2.2 The Social Hierarchy
2.3 Unfree Classes
2.4 Free Classes
2.5 An Nemed – The Priviliged Classes
2.6 Aes Dana – People of Art and Skill
2.7 Saer - Craftsmen
2.8 Women, Work and Status
2.9 Status and Society Section Summary

Part 3: Royal Erin
3.1 Ríthe na hÉireann – Kings of Ireland
3.2 From Chieftain to High-King
3.3 Elections
3.4 Hostages
3.5 Royal Inauguration Rituals
3.6 Royal Sites
3.7 Royal Erin Section Summary

Part 4: Wider Society
4.1 Money
4.2 Brehon Law
4.3 Hospitality
4.4 Sickness and Health
4.5 Education (Part 1)
4.6 Education (Part 2): 7 Grades of Wisdom
4.7 Festivals, Fairs and Assemblies
4.8 The Old Religion and The Druids
4.9 Burial Rites
4.10 Christianity
4.11 Goodbye and Thanks!

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