Safe Electricity Kills Disease - Beck Protocol for Health

Doctor Robert Beck (Physics) has made many bio-electric devices including an Electroencephalogram machine (for measuring brainwaves) that runs on a 9v toy battery and fits in your back pocket. He invented the common flashbulb for cameras, and in his career he worked for many years in the Sandia Electrical labs.

Before Bob's death he designed and published the Beck Protocol (outlined below), a series of self treatments for perfect health. They include...

  • Magnetic Pulsing - using a moving magnetic field to induce a safe electric current deep in the body which disables invaders including cancer-causing candida
  • Ozonated Water - adds more oxygen to the body and kills invaders
  • Blood Electrification - de-vitalizing microbes etc in the blood with safe pulses of electricity
  • Ionic Colloidal Silver - pure silver nano-particles suspended in water, disables bacteria etc when drank

Each of these self treatments attacks the parasites and microbes that cause disease, and promote health.


Dr Beck released all the information into the Public Domain for free, about how people can completely cure themselves of illness and disease without turning to the drug Industry.


I would like to add that clean "pure" drinking Water is available from pharmacies for €1 per liter. Distilled or purified water is an excellent detox and suitable for everyday consumption on its own and as a cleanser. (More info)


See below for an introduction, testimonials and info video

Below that there is a demonstration video about using the equipment

Then some information and links on how to make your own devices, and about giving yourself a treatment

Any questions, just ask



Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph (naturopathic physician) demonstrates how to use each of the 4 parts of the Bob Beck Protocol: Micro-pulsing with the zapper, also known as Blood Electrification or Micro-currents, Magnetic Pulsing, making Ionic Colloidal Silver and drinking Ozone Water. There are also questions and answers with guests.


  • Making and using your own devices

Drink plenty of water during self-treatments

Magnetic Pulsing device - made with the circuit from a camera hot-shoe flash, and a home-made coil* that is 130 turns of 16 gauge magnet wire, wound on a VCR tape spool. Winding a Coil with such stiff wire can be a little tricky, watch some example videos. Optionally build a hand winding apparatus to turn the Coil on. The finished magnetic pulser coil is activated (flashed) on different parts of the body, particularly around the lymphatic system (more info) The Pulser is a high voltage device, insulate it well.

Ozonated Water - a glass of pure water with Ozone bubbled through it for a few minutes, and drank every day (more info). Affordable (under €25) Ozone generator available on ebay or amazon.

Blood Electrification Device (pulser, zapper) - can be (made) at home from affordable parts (listed below), which are available on ebay, amazon and ordered from electronics components outlets. (You probably know someone who can solder a unit together for you). The electrical contacts are worn under a strap on the wrist where the blood vessels are. Starting at the lowest setting, zap for between 10 and 40 minutes per day, over a few weeks for serious illnesses (more info). Drink lots of pure water, and recover for a few hours after each session.

Colloidal Silver (ionic) - made using the zapper (27 Volts DC in pulses, micro-current at lowest), connected to the >99.99% pure silver wires in a glass of pure water, for several seconds. Drink a glass once in a while, and also when you are sick.


  • *A Coil is simply loops of insulated wire held together tightly as one big loop. Beck's Pulser coil is 1/2 pound of number 16 gauge magnet wire, wound tightly onto a video tape reel (re-enforced for winding). The wire is very stiff, and needs a lot of strength and stamina to wind correctly, don't be afraid to use clamps and a home-built turning device to make it. During winding, the wire layers can be held in position with glue and clamped with cable-tie to finish. If you are using a disposable flash circuit, a thinner wire would be more suitable as it is lower power, and also slightly easier to wind. Connect the coil to the flash-bulb, and attach some buttons to the flash module to operate it, including a 240v ac micro-switch for the flash button. You can connect all the parts with suitable wires. Insulate the whole Pulser device, as it is high voltage and can hurt somebody if they get a shock from it. 


Important document (right-click and "Save As...")


Component Placement Diagram for the Beck Zapper Circuit (cut the copper tracks by hand using a small drill-bit) ...

  • Parts List for the Zapper (American parts list is here, near the end of the comments) ....

100k Ohm (x2)
150k Ohm
2m4 Ohm (2,400,000 Ohm)
820 Ohm
100k linear potentiometer (dimmer)
LM358 timer chip (and an 8-pin socket for soldering onto the strip-board)
22uF 35v Capacitor
100nF Capacitor
18v Zener Diode (x2)
bi-colour LED (red/green flashing light)
switch 36V dc (latching type)
3.5mm jack mono plug and socket
Strip-board (the small one in the diagram above is 64x25 mm)

A Project Box big enough to contain the circuit board, the 3x 9V batteries, and for mounting the switch, dimmer, jack socket and LED onto one end

Solder, heat-shrink, connecting wire, croc-clips, etc

1 meter (yard) of Wire (pair) to attach to a jack plug, and 2 short steel nails to use as contacts (make them safe by grinding them blunt)

Another jack-plug attachment can be made for the colloidal silver, use similar wire and crocodile-clips for holding the Silver rods.


Some components are cheaper when sold in packs of 10 or 100, so its worth deciding how many units you'll build before you order the parts.

You will need to plan where all the parts and components are going to end-up in the finished unit (project box).

Check measurements many times, cut once.


Please share this important info

Lets make this technology "Common Knowledge"


Thank You


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Comment by Spirality on September 2, 2016 at 2:56

The full text of the Beck Protocol 



Overview of the Beck Protocol 1

Introduction to Research 3

Blood Electrification ... Summary 4

Exact Means and Methods to Help Maintain or Regain Health 5-6

Code of US Federal Regulations 6

Chronic Diseases Linked to Viruses and Bacteria

Blood Electrification & Colloidal Silver 9

Science & Vie Article & List of Patents 11

Magazine & Newspaper clipping 12

Excerpts from Patent #5,188,738 13-14

A Proposed Experimental/Theoretical, Non- Invasive, Non-Pharmaceutical,

In- Vivo Method for Rapid Neutralization of HIV Virus in Human Subjects 15-16

Improved Schematic for Blood Electrification Unit with Colloidal Silver

Output and Circuit Description and Parts List 17-18

Location of Preferred Sites for Blood Electrification 19

Original Schematic and Parts List 20-21

Expanded Instructions for ... Blood Electrification 22-23

Pictures of Electrode Preparation and Placement 24

Total Cancer Remissions 25-26

Blood Electrification — The Easy In- Vivo Way 27-28

Recommended Suppliers 28

Making Your Own Ionic/Colloidal Silver 29

Currently Preferred Silver Colloid Making 31-32

A Few Unique Plus Traditional Uses for Silver Colloid 33

"Banishing Disease with Three 9-volt Batteries" by Mark Metcalf 34-36

Form of Colloidal Silver Used by Soviets as Antidote for Germ Warfare 37

Magnetic Pulse Generator 39

How to Build and Suggestions for Lymph and Tissue Neutralization 41-42

Location of Lymph Nodes and Organs for Magnetic Pulsing Sites 43-44

Water Ozonator 45

Ozone Revisited and Ozone Generator Design 47-48

Quick Summary — The Four Protocols 49

Background Information: Robert C. Beck, D.Sc 50

Appendix: Testimonials Letters 51-62

The Brain Tuner: Excerpts from a 1983 Lecture by Bob Beck 63-86

Comment by Spirality on March 10, 2016 at 15:19
Comment by Spirality on March 9, 2016 at 2:35

The Protocol kit is available to buy from Sota Instrument, and also from anyone who will make it for you.

An Ionic Colloidal Silver maker is available to buy from an Irish shop here

Comment by Spirality on March 7, 2016 at 4:00

Bob Beck's Zapper Circuit diagram ( from 3/4 down the page )

Comment by Spirality on February 23, 2016 at 21:18

I killed a Flu virus the other day.

A friend of mine had a fairly nasty flu, and I picked it up after meeting him.

That evening as it started to get worse, I decided to try Ozone. I turned on the Ozone generator, put the stone in front of my mouth and took a long slow breath in, filling my lungs. I inhaled and exhaled very slowly, allowing the gas to spend the most time passing through my throat. I then took a few normal breaths of just air, to recover, and one more slow-deep Ozone breath.

The next day I repeated the two Ozone breaths, and there is now no trace of the virus, it is gone. 

Uzman Ozone Generator


Ozone is absorbed in every part of the body, but in its pure form is too corrosive for the lungs. The normal way of taking it is by bubbling an Ozone/Air mix (from your mail-order generator) into your drinking water for 5 minutes.

We occasionally smell Ozone in the air after lightning, as that is how it is made in Nature, so it is natural, people are exposed to it every day. 

Directly breathing Ozone Air like I just described is a very aggressive self-treatment, and is generally not recommended as the lungs can get damaged over time, but it does work on the Flu, it kills the virus.

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