Selected Radio Podcasts - Law, Sovereignty, and Freedom

Some of the Tir na Saor radio podcasts from the mixcloud, I list the ones related to sovereignty, contracts, words, law, courts, rule, state, etc. Most of these podcasts have their own discussion threads on the Codex Liberalis and Mad World radio groups, should you wish to comment.

15 Jan 2015 - We're joined once again by Sean David Morton for a general rundown of current events and a meandering into various topics of religion, global politics, the Jesuits, Charlie Hebdo, and more.

  • Irish Water Podcasts - Kev and Guests
  • Boycott #IrishWater - 3 Dec 2014 - We're joined by Boycott Irish Water admin Tara who'll be discussing the campaign so far, what to expect on Dec 10th, and a new vision for Ireland beyond 2014.

We'll also hear an exclusive playing of the moving Ballad of John Corrie written and performed by Tara in memory of the man who was found dead outside Dáil Éireann this week.

Boycott Irish Water on Facebook:

If you listen to nothing else this week listen to this show!  Thanks to guest Audrey Clancy from Dublin Says No

  • #IrishWater with Jeff Rudd: Why The Law Is On Our Side - 15 Oct 2014 - In Part 2 of this broadcast we hear from one of the admins of the Fight the Water Tax Scam Lawfully page - Jeff Rudd. Jeff tells us why it's so important to keep up the sustained effort against Irish Water and why the law is on our side in doing so. Great information including proof from the Minister of the Environment that waters is already paid for through taxation!

Be sure to check out Fight the Water Tax Scam (Lawfully) on Facebook:

We've an important update regarding the Aarhus Convention mentioned on a previous show with a response from Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly from a questioned raised by Clare Daly T.D. on behalf of Tír na Saor.

We will discuss their personal reasons for getting involved along with their experiences so far. Like this important page on facebook: and get involved in your local communities. Stand together or fall apart.

Thanks to Aindriú, Ann, Cathy, Jeff, and Louisa! Get involved in this mass movement for change! #Oct11, 2pm, Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Sq East, Dublin.

Later he's joined by Dave and Sandra McShane to talk about their experiences campaigning against the much opposed regime change.

The following articles are essential recommended reading:

If you liked the song at the end you can check out Sandra McShane on Soundcloud here:

19 Nov 14 - Activist and social justice campaigner Mark Fitzimons joins Kev to share his story and experiences protesting over the last number of years.

Mark makes an interesting proposition to Enda Kenny - call a general election before Christmas or the protest is coming to Castlebarr!

No Confidence In Enda Kenny:

19 Nov 2014 - Please share this important podcast as we hear from ex-Irish Defense Force members highlight the grave circumstances around the use of Lariam. Lariam is an extremely dangerous drug with damaging and long lasting side effects. This show must be heard and spread across Ireland.

Members of the Irish Defense Forces are not legally or constitutionally protected in this matter. They need the people to raise a voice and stand for them and with them in putting an end to this and protecting our fellow country men and women.

Join Action Lariam for Irish Soldiers:

13 Nov 2014 - In this episode Antonia is joined by the ever insightful Thomas Sheridan! Tune in as they discuss his groundbreaking new book Walpurgis Night about the occult ideology of the Nazi regime, life, philosophy, the truth movement, and the future of Europe.

12 Nov 2014 - an answer to our banking problems?

The Public Banking Forum of Ireland is a proposed model that would see control over money placed in public, not-for-profit, hands. It would see revenue reinvested in community and infrastructure and put an end to commercial for-profit banking!

Jim Miller strongly recommended that people listen to this audio Max Kaiser Report 498

08 October 2014 - The Land League are a new force for good in Ireland, working for the people to bring about positive and lasting change, standing shoulder to shoulder with people facing eviction they have been successful in many cases staving of evictions. We'll hear from founder members Jim Miller, James Devaney, and Jimmy McEntee who tell us what drove them to start the organisation, their hopes for Ireland, and the solutions they are already pursuing including a new banking model for Ireland.

Contact the Land League today on:
- 0852545548
- 0868076978

24 September 2014 - Andrew explains the Woodland League, how it came about, their principles, and why it's so important. We then take a stroll through ancient Irish tree-lore from the sacred trees of the forest and Ogham, to the inherent connection our ancestors had with Ireland's rich natural woodland. We also discuss the policies of the infamous Coillte and some of the Woodland League projects that have been helping to restore our connection with Ireland's native woods.

August 2014 - Theresa talks about here experience supporting Arther and the treatment received by the police.

Scottish Sovereigns On The Land

SSOTL Podcasts

05 June 2014 - We're joined by the ever insightful Sean David Morton who takes us through a series of rabbit holes from the Vatican, to Birth Certs and the Bond Process, World Politics, and Global Finance.

15 May 2014 - Antonia is joined by Tom Darcy who shares his experiences dealing with corruption and battling the banks to save his home. Tom shares his research and asks: Would you have entered into an agreement for a loan if you had known the banks were insolvent, had no license, or that they would sell the loan on through securitization?

23 April 2014 - Join Kevin and Laurel on this mind-expanding journey into the English language as Laurel masterfully weaves a wordy web of thought-provoking concepts and linguistic ideas. A fascinating show that will leave your head in a spin as you conceptualize the meaning behind this profundity.
"The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and if you know the words the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish."

14 May 2014 - We're joined once again by Laurel Airica as we continue our journey into the influential power of words, how to decode and recreate their meanings, and why it's just as important to reclaim our sovereignty of language as it is over our lives and minds. Contact Laurel at

17 April 2014 - Antonia is joined by political activist Ben Gilroy who tells us about his recent court case, the principles of Direct Democracy Ireland, and what the future might hold for Ireland if the power to decide its fate was returned to the people.

20 Feb 2014 - A very important show! Peter Eugene imparts the culmination of 30 years research into the law, the nature of the system, and most importantly how to reclaim your body, mind, and self back!
We explore the depths of the birth cert scam and the name game and why it is that people remain subjects of the system. How this came to be and what one needs to do to undo this. Please share this important information. Check out Peter's site

19 Feb 2014 - What does it really mean to be an anarchist? This episode explores the concept as Kev is joined by special guest Kal Molinet.
Kal has been spreading the message of non-violent, free, and consensual association versus the oppression of State imposed control on the streets of his city in Virginia, America. An interesting and entertaining interview! Kal puts forward very compelling and logical arguments in a light-hearted and fun way. Check out Kal's website

  • Cults - Thomas Sheridan and Kev

29 Jan 2014 - In this episode we're joined by artist and researcher Thomas Sheridan who will be sharing his insights into the cult mindset.
We consider what makes a 'cult', the sort of people who start them and who they target, what makes people vulnerable to these groups, and why they're so prevalent in today's society.
We will also consider cults throughout history from Nazi Germany to many movements throughout the 60's, 70's, and today, and how and why many of these groups are set-up and controlled by intelligence agencies.

Afterwards we are joined by musician JJ Kikola who will tell us the story of Anne Lovett who died in a field giving birth to her son 30 years ago and was almost forgotten. JJ's poignant and powerful tribute to her memory is played at the end of the show. Check out JJ Kikola's work on YouTube.

19 Jan 2014 - An important broadcast. Was there an attempt to co-opt the Irish truth movement?

Sovereign Seal, IRB, Harry O'Reilly the ArchDruid, Neo-Nazis, Occult Groups, Secret Societies, Ulterior Motives, Dis-information, Co-Intel Pro, and Infiltration of the Irish Truth Movement.

Yep, it sounds crazy but it's all here, it's all real and it's being exposed once and for all for the People's objective consideration.

Hour 1 - Ger Banks, Súil Eile, Better Ireland, and Kev chat about the recent revelations and share their individual experiences in discovering these truths.

Hour 2 - We are joined by designer of  WeThePeople website and the editor of the Sovereign Independent newspaper, Dave Derby, who tells us of his personal experiences working with Harry, his involvement in the Truth Movement, the infiltration he witnessed and the subsequent attacks against his character and the Newspaper.

05 Jan 2014 - Kev appears at 15 minutes in, and discusses the ideas behind natural law, free thinking, the state and more. A good introduction and well worth a listen.

11 Dec 2013 - We're joined by Sharon who will be sharing her very interesting experience with the courts over the last six years. An unusual case that culminated this week.

Following on the heels of Kev's own radio show on this topic.  
Tonight on Reality Bytes radio Neil Foster will interview Kevin Flanagan from Tir na Saor, and they will be discussing the idea of Freemen and the Sovereign man. Should be worth a listen, as Kevin will expand on his recent talk on his own radio show, posted here on One World Chronicle earlier this week.

30 Oct 2013 - A "Freeman's" response to RTÉ Prime-Time programme.
A very important show! Join Kev the Founder of Tír na Saor as he blows a lid off some of the myths around 'Freeman/Sovereign' beliefs. What are they based in? Is there substance to the claims? Is there a difference between legal/lawful or statutes/common law? What is natural law? Is it superior to positive (written) law?
Kev will also offer his response to the RTÉ Prime-Time's hatchet job targeting the freeman/sovereign movement.
Help us get the truth out by sharing this content to friends and family.

16th October 2013 - In the first hour Kev will chart the demise of the Brehon law and the old Gaelic order from the early Anglo-Norman invasions through to their final eradication under the Penal Laws of the 1600's. In hour two he will share his ideas on whether the Brehon Laws could be used today and if so in what parts of society?

02 October 2013 - In this episode Kev will be exploring the concept of Money, how it has taken over our lives and just what is it about the current system that is destroying our world, our countries and communities.
But on Tír na Saor we are dedicated to promoting solutions to our common problems, so we will hear about 3 alternatives to the current financial model that are either being used or implemented in Ireland today.

This episode will take a look at events around the 18th of September Dail Lockout and People's Referendum from first hand accounts of those who were there.

Join us as we take a journey into the past as we re-discover the lost laws of ancient Ireland.
This in-depth introduction seeks to lay a strong foundation of understanding of the principles of Brehon law and why it was so different.

Hear from Brandon Simpson who wrote The Libertarian Lessons of South Park. Brandon shares his views on libertarianism and why he wrote the book. We also talk about the brehon laws, Kentuky's "dry county" laws and a heap of other topics.
Find out more about the book and how to contact Brandon in the radio show blog.

Kev chats with Brendan-John who, along with a group of friends, declared independence and founded their own corporate country. Listen in to hear how Brendan-John and others have been utilizing what he calls 'open-source' government and how you can start using this model in your own life.

I will pop this one in for good measure

05 March 2014 - We're joined by Gerard Banks who will be discussing ancient Irish wisdom, language and lore, how this knowledge was lost, and how to understand this in the modern world. Gerard explains the chakra points of Ireland and how the early Irish viewed the island as a living entity that the people need to take responsibility and care for. 

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