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The Common Law Society

"Who doesn't know this stuff ?"

As the saying goes:

“Create a Problem, provide a Solution”.


What Problem(s) are the State and current Puppet Government currently facing?


The Problem facing the State and Puppet Government is that the People of this Island have awoken, and more and more are awakening every day. The sleeping giant has arisen. The State and the Puppet Government are facing problems on all fronts.


The People are now aware that the State propped up the Church, and vice-versa, while our People were enslaved, abused, assaulted, beaten, used as slave labour, raped, sodomised and murdered, whilst the babies and children were stolen from their Mothers and sold for profit. And whatever children, young Men and Women they killed, the Church then buried in their thousands, in shallow unmarked graves in the grounds of industrial schools, laundries, convents and monasteries, and wherever else they could dispose of the bodies.


This little Island is awash with the dead ...  


The State and/or the Church perpetrators and murderers were never taken to task in any regard for these crimes. All the while, An Garda Siochana looked on. They did not dare to interfere with the business of the State and Church, as they were too busy exploiting the People in their own nefarious ways and scams.


The People not so much, don’t trust what the State and their puppets are saying. The People factually know that they are all liars, and they are in the play simply because of the power and personal wealth that they can derive from it, as State, Civil Servants and Politicians.

The People now know that the Banks are feeding the Judiciary, the Courts and the Legal Professionals and they in turn are all eating from the same trough, and gorging on the same swill. The People now know that Receivers, Liquidators and Examiners are stealing People’s homes, lands and property without lawful authority, and the Courts via the Banks are supporting, encouraging and paying them handsomely to carry out Criminal Acts of Violence against the People.   


Conversely, the People have always know that An Garda Siochana have been institutionally corrupt, intellectually inept, and more than prepared to bully People and verbally assault, abuse or attack, rather than keep the peace, or do the right thing (whatever that is). Who doesn’t know a Garda that hasn’t broken the law? Who doesn’t know a Garda that hasn’t lied to save his or her own skin, or to fit someone up? Who hasn’t seen An Garda baton charging People, using pepper spray, or inciting violence? Who doesn’t know a Garda that hasn’t beaten someone to a pulp, mowed someone down on a road, or killed? Who doesn’t know of a Garda that hasn’t conspired to cover up the crimes of the Church and State, and to pervert the course of justice?


The People now know that the State and the DPP are behind EVERY alleged summary/minor criminal charge, and that all summary/minor charges are by their very nature defining the People as Criminals, ever before they get convicted of a crime in their Kangaroo Courts. Wherein the only purpose and reason for these alleged charges is to extract money and profits from the People time and time again. The People now know how to delay these Kangaroo Courts and how to seek to make sure that Justice is done. The People now know that the Judges are prepared and do seek to persecute all People that come before them at the capitulation and will of the DPP, the Garda, the County Councils and a vast array of other State and semi-State bodies.


The People now know that Income Tax is not Mandatory … and that all taxes go to feed the Political Aristocracy and the State Oligarchy, and that their trickle-down economics determines that the People of this Island get to subsist and exist off the drippings from the masters table.

The People now know that under the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 (Part 2), they do not legally own any land, property and or any of the territories of the Island of Ireland, and all the land, the property and the homes on the Island legally belongs to the State for the purpose of plying their business, as in generating revenue and making profit for the State. The People now know that when the Sheriff calls to “your home”, he is not calling to “your home”, he is calling to a business, a business that is no longer providing revenue for his employer the State, and therefore is legally entitled to take all necessary steps to recover any losses, including leaving the tenants, or as some might call them People, legally destitute.


The People now know that when the State was fashioned, it was nothing more than a name change over the door, from the Crown to the State, and that the State simply adopted all the LAWS that the Crown had left in place.


The Problem now facing the State … is that People now know most if not all of the stuff outlined above. The State are facing into the People not capitulating to them any longer. The People are engaging the Banks and asking them some very serious questions in relation to contract law, and on securitization. The People are now issuing lawful liens and orders upon the Banks employees, officers and representatives for damages incurred. The People are no longer just allowing receivers, liquidators and/or examiners to simply march in on some quazi authority and kick them out onto the street. The People are slowly but surely organising themselves, and standing down the sheriffs and their henchmen. The People are rapidly moving away from employing legal professionals to represent their interests in all Courts (and rightly so). The People are learning and educating themselves about the Law, and standing their own ground in Court and on the land LAWFULLY.


This to me is a sign that the People are beginning to awaken from the long slumber of being lorded over by the State. The State that has since its inception, facilitated and participated in the rape, pillage, plunder and murder of the People of this Island. A State that has since its inception, and under the provisions of the so-called “Free State Constitution”, simply carried over and continued using the legal system of the Crown (English Law). Both its legislation and modus operandi were adopted by the State in totality. This perhaps is what we should refer to as the “An Irish Solution to an Irish Problem” … or to say it correctly it is “the Crowns Solution to the Irish Problem”. If the People of this Island won’t accept the Crown, then they might accept the rebrand of the Crown, called the State?


It seems that some of the People have been fooled for a long time, and all of the People have been fooled for a short time, but more and more People are not fooled any longer, and this awakening is spreading far-faster than the State can keep up, so that poses a Problem for the State. The State are now facing into their own dissolution, and like a rabid dog, that knows his days are numbered, the State will turn any-which-way that in can, to survive. If that means attacking the hands that once fed it, so be it, that’s the way it has to be. 


The State have come up with a (albeit) temporary Solution. The Solution is to create a Problem, then to invoke their own twisted Solution for the Problem that they have purposely created.


The current Solution/Problem is to create a serious controversy concerning An Garda Siochana … which you have to hand it to them; they have perceivably done so quite successfully.


They brought in a retired Garda. One that was trained by the FBI in Quantico. His name was Martin Callinan. Martin got things stirred up between GSOC, members of An Garda Siochana and the Minister of Justice. Before Martin could or would explain himself, he gracefully went back into retirement, no doubt with a nice handshake and a Pension top up of some sort or description. Now the Garda Siochana are coming under special scrutiny. The plan now is to deconstruct An Garda Siochana (the keepers of the peace), and turn them into a “Pan European Style Police Force”.


To do this, they will require new blood,  i.e. “new recruits”. The type and form of “new recruit” will or should have little or no empathy with the People that they are Policing. They must be young and easily malleable, and from a poor background. The ideal candidates are obviously going to be from a “non-national” background, and are so poor and disparate to gain entry and/or stay on the Island, that they will simply just do as they are told, without thinking.


With their new “Euro-Pol Force” (EPF) in place, the State will now have a new set of droids that will do their bidding. The old form and style of “peace keeping” will be shunted out, as more and more Garda are retired and/or drummed out, via the enquiries that are going to be carried out in the next couple of years. The difference being that, the EPF are going to be armed to the tooth, and trained and tooled up as a private State Militia, ready to actively and physically support the instructions and/or directions of the State.

Watch out for the signs … the next step will be to appoint a new “Garda Commissioner”. The likelihood is that, he or she will once again be trained up by the FBI or the CIA or NSA or the UK equivalent … and will not be a native of this Island. They will be there to fully enforce Crown/City of London Policy upon the People of this Island with brutal and deadly force. Nothing changes …


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great stuff thanks

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Great stuff

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