A lot of people believe we evolved from primordial slime millions of years ago, that we are accidental and insignificant in the universe.

The Creation view is that we are here on purpose and that we are central to God's plan.

This 10 part college course looks at the evidence for Creation versus Evolution (theory), and explains how dinosaurs (dragons) fit into the big picture.

CSE 102 Class 1 - the caveman https://youtu.be/Jt4J9P_zuhE

CSE 102 Class 2 - Insects https://youtu.be/QvirPBoP808

CSE 102 Class 3 - dinosaurs and how do they fit in the bible? https://youtu.be/Kg-hpw4Bz1g

CSE 102 Class 4 - Noah's Ark https://youtu.be/rI2vmy8RejM

CSE 102 Class 5 - are dinosaurs mentioned in the bible? https://youtu.be/9MPYgGnn6CA

CSE 102 Class 6 - Dinosaurs that are still Alive https://youtu.be/TB5fqn8mwzA

CSE 102 Class 7 - lies in the textbooks https://youtu.be/aMgnqD4Uw3U

CSE 102 Class 8 - Darwin https://youtu.be/nlQRYQLLdTM

CSE 102 Class 9 - survival of the fittest or luckiest? https://youtu.be/OwEu4RWLXfw

CSE 102 Class 10 - Hitler and evolution https://youtu.be/AXDSfQux22Y

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