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Comment by Finnegan on April 14, 2017 at 19:19

Aw kev , blown away !! Great talk , nice to hear the oul' accent . You're a true scholar . Keep up the good work , and pay us a visit sometime , Finnegan .

Comment by deeproot on March 25, 2017 at 15:13

Kevin I In your talk you state that "every eligable man was eligable for election" you are aware that there were Ban Ri as well?  perhaps you should have qualified your statement by saying every eligable male or female man was eligable ? The candidate had to be versed in the legends and law and had to be aware of the needs and culture of the various groups and families which made up the Tuha - what the earth breakers and herders and husbandsmen and foresters needed - The candidate also had to display an element of physic ability and an awareness of the natural cycles of the stars and the earth and their influnces on the provision of food and shelter.  on this Island we traded with the clans in the area called Africa as well as the clans of the next Island and what we now call Europe . Setanta set a president from his time onwards the protector on the Ri was given the title of Cu. There are a number of locations named after the various Cu of the local Ri. The English and indeed all Europe adoped variations of Roman Commercial Law?  The Ri ruiling system started to collaps when Cormac built his Dun at Tara? Until his time Tara was where the sacred flame was housed all the clans gathered at Tara at the various feasts (Mainly Samhain} and elected Ri would administer from their own Dun. In order to facillitate Cormacs Dun at Tara it had to be burned down every year at Samhain ( the fires of the land were quenched and new fire lit at Beltaine from the Sacred fire at Tara).

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