Alchemy is beautiful and understandable only by experiment. You are neither requested nor forced to believe what is before your very eyes. Now, I am not sure what dangers this exposure holds for me, but I couldn't stop showing you what Rossy cross of Alchemy actually is. When mighty serpents collide in a chaos and dark night falls Sun ascends and Souls unite. It is symbol of beginning of riches and symbol of ending of the process of transmutation. You are free to keep guessing what precipitate may hold. tip for you is, find alchemy manuscripts that hold serpents on sword of Hermes. Find their appropriate colors, guess the planets, create spirit and collide step by step, I can't write here, but after all you have privilege of seeing real cross the very first time.

It may be known as Purple of Cassius. Google it ! Solution is same but not created from base metals.

SPECIAL NOTE : To friends Lilac and Peter, I couldn't reply your emails in time, due to a flood of emails this whole week and many other tasks I have undertaken. Pardon me on this.

I am always around you.

GOD bless you all.

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